Create A Unique Experience With Digital Signage and Video Screens

Physical marketing is a completely different game since the use of digital signage and screens has become popular. Instead of using small signs and other static media, restaurant owners can offer a unique experience and draw in huge crowds during special events. More importantly, they can control how products are marketed in the store. Restaurant Menus and other areas in the store can be completely transformed into a delivery platform for direct marketing to hungry customers looking for something delicious to eat.

Special events are a great way to attract huge numbers of customers. The Super Bowl is one event that everyone can agree is major. Every year, tickets sell out and advertising time on the channels that show it are at a premium. Using this kind of event can draw in hundreds of extra customers on the night of the event. Sports Bar Screens can provide a great place to see the game and spend time with friends having a few drinks.

Tabletop entertainment is a great way to keep customers where they are. Any experienced restaurant owner knows that making that extra sale can depend on how long a customer sits. Providing tablets or other screens at the table for playing movies or games. This entertainment will be perfect for couples enjoying a meal together or a family sitting down for a night out.

Waiting areas don’t have to be boring. Commercial Audio Video Integration can feed video to any area in the store. Even during peak hours, wait times will only feel like a few minutes. Some customers might not even be ready to take their table with the right entertainment.

Digital signage inside the store can be the perfect way to introduce new items and deals. Direct marketing can catch the eye of hungry customers and boost sales for new products. Menu boards can include media alongside the list of items to help customers choose exactly what they want. Signs in the store can be replaced as well. Smaller signs can be used to playback for short videos and audio.

Making all this come together is no small task. Cable providers can offer solutions for a few screens, but when a sports bar is full of screens a much more powerful solution is needed. A complex video matrix requires switches to feed video and scale it to the screens. Not only does the video have to reach many screens, it also needs to be in high resolution. Providers such as CCS Presentation Systems offer all the hardware needed to switch huge amounts of video data and network all of it together.

Digital Signage & Displays are a great investment for restaurants and sports bars. These displays provide a great return on investment. A big event on TV will draw huge crowds in the doors and boost sales dramatically. With the number of major events each year, it shouldn’t be long until the cost of the screens and scaling solution are absorbed by the company. Restaurant owners should call their local service provider right away for help finding the perfect solution for their dining area.

Boost Sales and Improve Customer Experience With Digital Signage and Screens

These days it takes more than good food at fair prices to bring customers to a restaurant. After all, anyone can look up a great recipe online and make a meal at home. Even better, after making a meal at home everyone can sit down and enjoy a movie or sports event. To make the idea of going out to eat more appealing, restaurant owners need to be able to offer more.

Event Promotions

Big television events are known to draw big crowds. The premiere of a season finale of a highly rated show will shoot the price of advertising time considerably. Experts know that major events are marketable. Restaurants can take advantage of this with Sports Bar Screens and other digital signage. By paying for a screening of The Super Bowl, restaurants can draw huge crowds in for drinks and short order food items. Depending on the night the event falls on, the business could double or even triple their typical sales.

Menus and Signs

Restaurant Menus are another place where digital screens can be used. Not only can items be updated in real-time, media can be played in the background to directly market new items and specials. This is perfect for hungry customers who aren’t sure what they want. By playing a video of an item being prepared right next to its listing on the menu, customers will be enticed into purchasing a more expensive item.

Audio Video Networking

Bringing all these screens together and networking them isn’t as simple as running a few cables. Different sizes of screens may be used throughout the store, making it necessary to scale video data up or down. Larger screens need more video data in order to display movies and events in high resolution. Commercial Audio Video Integration requires special networking hardware and video encoding appliances to make everything work together and look great. Restaurant and sports bar owners can find everything they need with help from CCS Presentation Systems.


Digital Signage & Displays aren’t just for the front of the house. Cooks in the kitchen can use video solutions to supply information about orders and provide feedback if they have any questions. With the right solution, it may be possible to pull up information about items on the screen from the internet or from a local database. With the press of a finger, it could be possible to pull up a recipe or check and see if all the ingredients needed for the item are on hand.

Digital screens can be added in several areas of the store to provide entertainment and make the jobs of employees easier. Effective video networking can help business owners make money with promotional events and by improving effectiveness in typical operations. Adding screens in less expected areas will help improve customer experience and make less desirable parts of going out a little better. For more information about the possibilities of a well-designed video networking solution, business owners should contact us at CCS for a consultation.

Learn How to Use Google Cast for Education

One of the main issues of every educator is to try to determine how to make their presentations interesting enough for everyone to pay attention and really learn something. With new technology, it’s important for the educators to learn more about what’s available and what they can use to do more during their presentations. Something they’ll want to consider is using Google Cast for Education with their SMART boards.

A Special Whiteboard is Necessary

For quite a while, projectors have been used in conjunction with standard whiteboards to put images on the screen. At first, only still images could be used but, as technology progressed, videos could be done as well. However, this involved quite a bit of setup and could be difficult to do properly. Plus, only one video could be used on the projector at a time. Eventually, computers could be used in conjunction with the projectors, but this was still difficult to set up and had a variety of problems. Now, however, there are SMART Boards that can be used instead of the typical projector.

Casting to the Whiteboard

Once the SMART Board is installed in the classroom, a Google Cast device can be added to allow casting directly to the whiteboard. This enables the educator to easily send any video or photo from their smart device to the whiteboard for everyone to easily see. They can use a smartphone, tablet, or a computer to send anything to the whiteboard and the image will be clear as it’s actually being played on the whiteboard, not through a projector. It’s incredibly easy to do this once everything is set up and the educator can switch between images and videos to supplement what they’re teaching.

Using This in an Educational Setting

As the SMART Boards allow casting to be easily done, Google for Education is easier to do. It’s possible for the educator to look up a video quickly if their students have questions and send it directly to the whiteboard so they can all watch it easily. If they need a diagram for everyone to see, this can be sent to the whiteboard as well. Anything they need can be found online and cast directly to the whiteboard to make it possible to catch the attention of everyone in the class and to help them understand the topic.

Explore What Casting Can Do

Educators can take advantage of Google for Education Training and learn more about how the SMART Boards work to ensure they can easily use them in their classroom. From there, it’s up to their imagination to determine how they’ll implement it as a part of their lessons. Taking the time to learn how to use this can ensure they’ll always be able to show pictures, videos, and more to their students to enable them to make sure everyone is paying attention and learning.

Google Cast for Education is an excellent way for educators to do more with their presentation and ensures everyone will be paying close attention to the presentation. Take the time to look into these whiteboards today to learn more about how they can be used alongside casting to help you do more and help you get more information to your students.

Contact us today at CCS Presentation Systems for more information, or view the concept on TEQ’s website.

A Great Small Format Digital Cinema Projector

When it comes to projectors, especially those used for entertainment purposes, there’s an awful lot of things to consider. However, for small commercial theaters looking for an excellent digital product, or if a person wants their home theater to offer a premier theater experience, a small format Digital Cinema Projector is the way to go. That is what makes the NEC 1000C a great choice for these particular scenarios.

Flexible Connectivity

When surmising that the NC1000C projector is the perfect choice for small commercial theaters and top-flight home theaters, much of this lies in its flexibility. From a connectivity standpoint, the NEC 1000C is great for a small theater environment.

Since actual reel film is seldom used, a small commercial theater will need to conform to the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) specifications. The DCI is an initiative formed by movie studios, cinema entertainment corporations, video technology manufacturers and movie directors to standardize distribution of motion picture content.

With virtually every commercial cinema delivering digital content, a standardized method of delivering this content in a safe and affordable way was devised. Although there have been changes made to the delivery format, from hard drives of the past to downloaded content in the form of jpeg2000 files, most commercial theaters will need to receive movie content in this manner.

NEC projectors, especially the smaller format 1000C, allows for this. Since most commercial theaters play this content from a central post cinema server, the 1000C allows for the proper connections to these servers. While most home theater systems use HDMI connections, professional commercial theaters use HD-SDI connections from the server to the projector. These connections are more physically secure, cheaper and offer better video quality. The 1000C comes standard with 2 different HD-SDI connections and integrated software to accept this signal from a central post cinema server.

Integrated Server Functions

For smaller theaters that either don’t use a central server or can’t afford one, the 1000C offers an integrated media server function. This can act as a central server for DCI in situations where a separate server is not available. With its ability to download compressed audio and video motion picture files, the 1000C is a perfect self-contained digital theater system.

Home Theater Connections

However, if it’s a top-level home theater experience a person is looking for, the 1000c also comes standard with HDMI connections, USB ports, eSATA connections and an Ethernet connection. For theater quality sound, the 1000C also offers full 16 digital audio output channels at 96kHZ/24 bit clarity.

Easy to Maintain and Compact

What also makes this particular projector even more appealing is its ease of use and how simple it is to maintain. From a maintenance standpoint, one of the biggest downsides to projectors is how difficult it can be to replace expired lamps, especially in permanent installations. However, this particular projector allows users to access the lamp from the back of the unit. This makes replacing a lamp extremely easy.

With it being small, it can be placed in a rather confined area if no other larger space is available. In addition, because of its size, it is a perfect solution for mobile applications that require high-quality video.

Resolution Quality

In terms of quality, this Digital Cinema Projector offers full 2k 3D resolution. In fact, it is one of the few small format projectors that provides 2K resolution certified by the DCI, thanks to its integrated Texas Instrument 2K video chip. It also offers quality 1600:1 contrast ratio, which works extremely well in dark theater settings.

When it comes to small theater applications or a premium home theater experience, a strong, compact and flexible projector will be needed. For that reason, many people turn to CCS Presentation Systems and the 1000C.

Discover the Benefits of Skype for Business

Friends and families have been loving and using Skype for years, but in the business world videoconferencing has been largely restricted to larger businesses and specially designed rooms. Small and mid-sized businesses haven’t been able to fully benefit from the competitive advantages that video conferencing can provide. Skype for Business, available with Office 365, now makes it easier to connect teams and have meetings than ever before. It’s no longer necessary to have a very expensive setup in a fancy Conference Room in order to benefit.

Many people assume that the primary advantage of video conferencing is to reduce the necessity to travel. While that is a significant benefit, it is far from the only one.

  • Meeting Flexibility. Whenever a meeting is scheduled, there are always people who are unable to attend because they’re too busy putting out fires. The new Skype for Business lets people log in to the meeting from their phone or tablet, wherever they happen to be.
  • Connect Scattered Teams. Today’s work teams can be spread across the country or the world, but all need to be kept in the loop. Whenever the need arises, set up an impromptu meeting to discuss issues and examine documents as a group.
  • Cut the Ties to the AV Room. It’s all too common to have the AV room tightly booked. If someone else’s meeting is late, so is yours. If you need a meeting right away, it’s not possible. Meeting Room Systems designed for small rooms and groups make everyone more productive. Cut the ties to an expensive and hard to maintain infrastructure.
  • Save Money. Setting up Skype for Business for meetings of up to 25 people will cost around $3,000. Savings on travel expenses alone would pay for that in a very short time. Of course, the major boost in ROI will be in workers’ effectiveness at their jobs. Business today moves at such a fast pace that making it possible for team members to brainstorm and resolve issues as a group has a big payoff.

CCS Presentation Systems of Florida is a premier provider of audio visual solutions, an important component of Unified Communications for any business. Skype for Business now makes it possible and affordable for small groups to benefit from video conferencing. Contact us today to learn more about all of the advantages of videoconferencing for your business.

What Purposes Do Companies Choose To Acquire Commercial Audio Video Integrations?

Companies integrate new systems into their infrastructure for a variety of reasons. These integrations are often acquired to improve business operations and to improve the business as a whole. When choosing audio and video systems, they follow an approach to achieve these aspirations. The following are the purposes that companies choose to acquire Commercial Audio Video Integration.

Conferences with Clients and Business Partners

CCS Presentation Systems are often used for conferencing services. The design for the audio and video installation must provide clear quality sound and video. This enables them to speak to clients and business partners as well as see them clearly. These opportunities enable them to gauge reactions to business proposals and communicate when compromises and changes are needed. The quality sound prevents them from misunderstanding what is conveyed. It also prevents any delays in footage that could slow down these processes.

On-Site Internet Communications

The Commercial Audio System Design Engineering provides opportunities to conduct on-site internet communications. Workers can connect to applications that allow for video-based calls throughout the building. Workers and their managers can communicate ideas and ask questions easily through these options. They allow for fast connections and clear options for presenting information. This is highly beneficial for all companies as it reduces issues that are often associated with email and instant messages.

Music and Entertainment Purposes

The Commercial Audio Speakers are brilliant options for music and entertainment purposes. At any time that the company is hosting an event, they can utilize these high-quality products to provide background music. This presents a more pleasant atmosphere for visitors and provides entertainment. If the company is hosting live entertainment, the installations provide for clear sound and hours of enjoyment for everyone who attends.

Presentations for a New Product Release

During a new product release, it is vital to possess the right audio and video equipment. These systems enable the company to present vital details about the product for all who attend the event. The display screens enable them to stream video that shows how the products work and present the exact benefits of purchasing them. The audio equipment ensures that all attendees hear the information presented and don’t misunderstand these details. When the company is trying to attract buyers or acquire new partners these services are vital to the overall process.

Presenting New Marketing Plans and Campaigns

When companies are presenting new marketing plans and campaigns, the equipment is paramount. The equipment provides them with everything they need to present ideas and show how the campaign or plan works. It enables them to present ads created for specific products. With these opportunities, their clients or partners can gauge the potential success of these strategies.

Companies acquire Commercial Audio Systems for a multitude of purposes that help their business. These integrations provide compatibility with existing systems and enable them to present information quickly and proactively. They eliminate miscommunication and enable the company to introduce new concepts and products without difficulties. Companies that are hoping to acquire these products contact an engineer today.

SMART Exemplary Educators: Technology Training that Translates Into Success

Technology has completely changed the way that individuals live, process, communicate, and even learn. Every day, teachers are increasing their dependence on technology in order to reach students at their level, and encourage opportunities for learning and growing. In the past, this work was done alone as each educator tried to figure out solutions on his or her own. But now, programs like SMART Exemplary Educators brings together a wealth of knowledge for everyone to pull from and use in their own classrooms. This includes technology that can transform lesson plans.

Using CCS Presentation Systems, educators have the ability to tap into different webinars to help them grow in their educational abilities, especially with an emphasis on using technology in the classroom. The SMART Training received in this context does more than just increase the knowledge that teachers possess. In also offers examples and ideas that can take learning to a whole new level. This in turn has the ability to improve the experience of students and enhance learning opportunities.

SMART Ed2Ed is unique because it offers advice and assistance from educators to other educators. No one can understand what it is like to be in the classroom, and deal with all of the various challenges that arise, like another teacher. It helps to have someone that is actually in the trenches, providing usable and practical assistance. These webinars help to enhance a teacher’s ability to take advantage of and get the most out of SMART Technologies.

SMART Exemplary Educators are the recipients of special training and software that will help to elevate the educational opportunities. In today’s world, it can be tough to keep students’ attention. The thought of trying to impart knowledge and allow for application often seems impossible. But teachers, with the right tools, can make a real difference in the lives of their students and help to encourage success at every turn, using the benefit of technology. In some ways, this training can help educators to find common ground with their students, teaching them at a level and with understand they can relate to. Engaging students is the first step towards success in the classroom.

What Are The Major Benefits Of Commercial Audio Video Integration?

Companies choose from a multitude of equipment when they are addressing their audio and video requirements. They explore the features of each model to define what options are best suited for their company. They work with engineers to determine what designs are most beneficial for their commercial space. The following are the major benefits of Commercial Audio Video Integration.

High-Quality Presentation Possibilities

CCS Presentation Systems provides companies with high-quality presentation possibilities. They offer crisp, clear audio that doesn’t present any misunderstanding of details. The video output isn’t grainy or difficult to see. The equipment presents beneficial options that work on any monitor installation that exists inside the building. This allows the company to connect their computers to the system and navigate through marketing presentations and new product releases without any issues.

Internet-Based Communication Systems

Sound and video connections are beneficial for internet-based communications. They provide connections to laptops, workstations, and more complex video conferencing equipment placed throughout the building. This allows all workers to utilize the integration easily at any time. Since it is connected to the internet services for the network, the workers and business owner can utilize it to communicate with each other as well as clients. They can also connect with partners and businesses throughout the country. With the right connections, they can continue to communicate with businesses and connections in other countries as well.

Better Conference Services

Commercial Audio System Design Engineering provides companies with better conferencing services. They can connect to the system during conference calls and achieve heightened communication with partners and clients. The sound quality is phenomenal. It provides the adequate range of sound for spaces of all sizes. The engineers test the equipment during the installation. They identify all circumstances that could cause interruption of sound and volume. This includes adverse weather conditions and machinery operating throughout the building.

Better Sound Quality

The Commercial Audio Speakers provide better sound quality for commercial buildings. They produce clearer sound and that prevent misunderstandings. The engineers present companies with a variety of speaker possibilities that present them with additional equipment to make necessary adjustments. This includes getting the most out of presentations and impressing clients. These products offer brilliant sound without distortion or static. These speakers simplify these integrations and give companies their full benefits.

The Elimination of Communication Errors

In business, the most vital part of communication is understanding. With the right equipment, the workers won’t misunderstand any information provided. They can participate in conferences and gather information without generating issues. It doesn’t matter where the client is located; the sound flows through the speakers flawlessly. The engineers can provide ceiling or desktop models the eliminate communication errors and prevent any issues between the company and its clients.

Companies choose vital products when setting up conference and presentation requirements. This includes speakers and video output. They examine the major benefits of each product to ensure that they work as expected at all times. Companies that are ready for these integrations should contact an engineer at CCS Presentation Systems now for these amazing Commercial Audio Systems.

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Audio Video Integration For Video Conferencing?

Companies acquire amazing benefits when they choose the right audio video integrations for their company. These systems provide them with a wealth of features that make daily business more simple. They also provide convenience and ease of use. The following are the benefits of Commercial Audio Video Integration for video conferencing.

Eliminating Travel Expenses Altogether

CCS Presentation Systems eliminates travel expenses altogether. CCS can utilize commercial audio systems to conduct business with clients around the world. It allows them to establish connections and transfer information via internet-based connections quickly. This enables them to present new product possibilities and services without leaving their location. This aspect within itself could save the company thousands of dollars each year.

Increasing the Productivity of Workers

The systems could also increase the productivity of workers. Instead of waiting for a manager to type up a message, they connect with these managers instantly. Instead of speaking on the phone they can show the manager what the situation at hand and gain guidance without delays. They won’t have to explain the situation in great detail to enable the manager to understand. With these connections, they can show them exactly what is occurring.

Improving Communication Between Workers and Managers

Commericial Audio System Design Engineering provides more advanced communication operations. The managers can connect to monitors and connections that are installed in each space. They can address a wide collection of employees through these video installations and Commercial Audio Speakers. They won’t waste time traveling to this location to provide new ideas or to express their views on issues that are arising within their company.

The remote connections also provide them with opportunities for communicating when they are traveling. They can use the presentation equipment located with the business to project new requirements. They can provide exact details quickly and implement new practices before they return from their travels. When managers are attending seminars and remote conferences, the equipment provides them with immediate access to their workers on-site and enables them to share new information without delays.

Giving the Company a Competitive Edge Over Other Businesses

Your organization can gain a competitive edge over other businesses with this equipment. They can approach potential acquisitions without traveling to a remote location. They can connect with prospective partners and investors quickly. They can utilize the presentation equipment to show them new products and services. They can also provide detailed information about new ventures that are of interest to these investors. This could lead to further acquisitions and more capital for special projects they wish to start.

Training Opportunities for Employees

These connections provide the owner with improved outlets for training employees. They can create new presentations and introduce them to their workers in record time. The connections allow them to use connections in multiple spaces to conduct training at any time.

Companies that utilize advanced presentation equipment gain better advantages. They can eliminate unnecessary travel expenses and enhance employee productivity. They can also improve on-site communications with their workers. Company owners who want to acquire Commercial Audio Systems and conferencing options should contact CCS Presentation Systems today.

Engage People with Discover Video Visual Communication

Advanced technology has gone way beyond video conferencing. Just being able to see people from remote locations enhanced meetings and presentations when video conferencing was introduced. It elevated the ordinary conference call into something more productive. Since the majority of communication is conveyed through visual cues, such as body language and facial expressions, contributions to meeting were clearer than they had ever been. Innovators did not stop there. Today there are visual communication systems that allow people to collaborate, interact, and engage with each other from several different locations.

Live Webcasting

This system has three components that work together to allow entities across industries to reach thousands of viewers. Discover Video provides systems and services for capturing video, managing and creating distribution, and streaming it on the internet. Streamsie, for example, captures the video. It can be meetings, live events, announcements, product launches, demonstrations, or anything else designed to engage website visitors.

The DEVOS system is the managing portal component. Schools, businesses, hospitals, and government agencies can create a distribution list to ensure everyone intended has access to the video. It can be viewed on any device with an internet connection. Tablets, desk tops, smart phones, iPads, and interactive SMART boards can serve as viewing conduits.

ARCUS is the internet streaming service that delivers the video. It can go to one person, a few authorized professionals, or worldwide, depending on the preference of the webcast creators. The combination of components makes webcasting fun, flexible, affordable, and easy to create.

Live Video Streaming

This service from Discover Video utilizes a StreamPump system that works with the DEVOS services. Video can be streamed to different office branches, remote classrooms, business partners and collaborators, hospital wings or common areas, and to a mobile workforce. Video On Demand can also be streamed via StreamPump, which increases options and uses at no extra costs.

The system is available in three different versions to accommodate the number of remote viewers. A small system, for example, will accommodate up to twenty-five remote view sites. That is an ideal way for small businesses and poorer school districts to utilize the technology without spending a lot of money. The largest number of remote view sites offered is up to one-thousand.

Other Uses

Discover Video is an award-winning and fast growing company that strives to find innovative solutions to suit any need. Other uses for their systems include the option to publish videos and live events on social media through embedded coding. That expands the reach of the information, creates even more exposure for a business or product, and engages several targeted audiences. Digital signage and interactive directories are also available for lobbies, common areas, office buildings, and shopping malls.

Many of the products available through this company can also be found through distributors in other parts of the country. CCS Presentation Systems, for example, operates in New England. DEVOS, SMART boards, and video streaming services are available across industries to help increase interaction among people. Contributors can present slides, write on an interactive board from different locations, and collaborate on problem solving, brainstorming, and creating projects.