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zSpace – Virtual Reality

Using a pair of tracking glasses and a tracking pen, users can interact with objects in a stunning 3D environment. Those images can easily be displayed on existing projectors or flat panels for the whole group to experience.

Click here for a short video showing the power of zSpace and its ability to revolutionize our world.

Contact your local CCS location to learn more about this dynamic product, and how it’s easily implemented using your existing projector or flat panel display!

CCS recently completes Santa’s Executive Conference Room

CCS Presentation Systems, one of the largest AV integrators in the country has just completed the audio visual renovation for Santa’s executive conference room at Holiday Headquarters, North Pole.

Features include multi-point telecommunications within the 3 mile long production warehouse, a SMART Board for elf training sessions, lighting control, an interactive projector that displays live route updates to the executive team and a warming oven for cookies.

We’re so proud of the work completed, stay tuned for more innovative projects in the new year!
Nationwide holiday closure hours:
All CCS locations nationwide ( click here to view the map) will be closed December 24th and 25th, as well as January 1st.
Office hours may vary by location, so be sure to contact your local representative for details.

Happy Holidays from CCS Presentation Systems! 

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Barco Clickshare Wireless Presentation for Your Business

The Barco Clickshare wireless presentation system is a type of gadget that makes it possible for business professionals to wirelessly and seamlessly present content from a smartphone, tablet, or PC onto a bigger screen. This is done through the use of Barco’s screen mirroring technology. Barco’s Clickshare Wireless Presentation System is ideal for use in various collaborative environments, e.g., huddle spaces, meeting rooms, and conference rooms.

What Is the Barco Clickshare Wireless-Presentation System Used for and Why Should You Get One?

These systems play an integral role when it comes to sharing information among people working on the same project. They make it possible for their users to transmit various types of content (apps, videos, images, docs, and desktop) together with audio from all types of devices to TV’s, video walls, large displays, and projectors. As a result, many users are able to seamlessly exchange, share, and present ideas. The systems can be used with a broad range of applications, e.g.,

  • Enabling unrestricted interaction between various users through the sharing of content on a shared screen.
  • Mirroring or streaming audio and video content from any device onto a projector or bigger screen.
  • Connecting a tablet, smartphone, or desktop PC to a TV wirelessly.

Where Can You Use A Wireless Presentation System?

This particular type of presentation systems allows video/audio collaboration in places such as:

What are the Advantages of Using the Barco Clickshare Wireless Presentation System?

  1. Multi-Platform Devices
    The system is plug-and-play friendly. This means that the system can easily be used with any projector or display device for quick presentation. You can use any device to display the content that you would like to present.
  2. Multi-User Collaboration
    Multiple people are able to access the system at the same time. This helps provide a simple and smooth wireless presentation capability for all those involved. It is a system that is able to provide great interactivity, making it ideal for use in open-forum discussions as well as in conference rooms, regardless of their size.
  3. Long-Range Connectivity (Wireless)
    Unlike wired presentation systems, this type of presentation system is able to cover a very broad signal range. This means that it can even be used in very large rooms, making it possible for those using it to showcase their presentations over distances of up to ninety meters.
  4. Streaming Over Wi-Fi, LAN or Dual Network Modes
    Wireless systems are capable of supporting Wi-Fi (wireless) and LAN (cabled) deployments. This is in addition to supporting dual network modes. For example, company personnel can connect to the systems via the corporate networks as the invited guests connect to it via the wireless network. This can easily be done without compromising the internal corporate network. This kind of connection is very useful, especially when the presentation system has been connected to the corporate network via Ethernet, and the invited guests are asked to join the employees in a collaborative project.
  5. It is Mobile and Compact
    One of the standout features of this system is the fact that it is very slim and compact. This makes it easier to move it from one room to another as it can easily be mounted behind a projector or a display screen.Even though the system will require a cable connection to the power socket, network, and to the display, all those who will be using it will be connected wirelessly. This means that they will be spared from all the unnecessary clutter.
  6. VGA and HDMI Compatible
    Whereas legacy interfaces are still popular in corporate environments, it is always better to choose a presentation system that can offer both digital (DVI or HDMI) and analog (VGA) interfaces. HDMI displays are considered to be the most effective as they can easily match with the source’s definition.

Interesting in learning more? Reach out to a CCS representative today!

Should I Purchase Professional/Commercial Grade Monitors Over Consumer Monitors?

When it comes to monitors, commercial grade and consumer grade vary in many ways. Although it is true that consumer grade monitors are typically cheaper than commercial monitors, there are several important reasons why commercial businesses and operations should invest in a commercial grade monitor instead of a consumer grade monitor.

Intended Use and Operation

You may be surprised to learn that the build quality of the typical consumer grade monitor is often inferior to the build quality of a typical commercial grade monitor. That said, it is no mistake that manufacturers produce commercial monitors to withstand more grueling conditions than their consumer grade counterparts. This is because commercial environments are much different than what one would expect in a consumer environment. For example, a monitor used at a sports bar likely needs to run in intervals of very long hours and at higher temperatures, and so it is designed with these environmental factors in mind. A consumer monitor, however, is reasonably expected to sit on a desk and only run for intervals of a few hours at a time.

Using a Consumer Monitor in a Commercial Setting Can Void its Warranty

If you look at the fine print that comes with a consumer grade monitor, you will often find that using the monitor for commercial purposes may either completely void or substantially reduce the product’s warranty. This is because, as noted above, a consumer grade monitor is not designed for use in commercial environments and could break down when subjected to longer than expected hours of use, higher temperatures, etc.

A Commercial Grade Monitor Generally Comes Equipped With More Mounting Options, Resolution Options, and Orientation Modes

Consumer monitors are generally intended for use only with computers or video game consoles, even if they can be used in other capacities. Since this is the case, the display options for consumer grade monitors are generally very limited as compared to a commercial grade monitor. For instance, a commercial grade monitor may be equipped to hang upside down from the roof of a building rather than to only sit upright on a flat surface. If this is the case, the monitor will almost certainly come equipped with an orientation mode which allows for the screen to be flipped upside down to match how it is mounted. Any given series of commercial grade monitor may also come in several size options, and these monitors generally have more varied resolution options.

The above list are just some examples of how commercial grade monitors are different than and superior to consumer grade monitors. There are certainly many more ways in which the two types of monitors differ from each other. If you are running a business or some variety of commercial enterprise, it is probably wise to invest your money in the purchase of a commercial grade monitor. Even though a commercial monitor is likely to be more expensive than a consumer grade monitor, the benefits of owning a commercial grade monitor greatly outweigh the consideration of cost.

4K OLED Displays From LG Make Video Easily Applicable

LG Electronics USA has released it’s new LG OLED wallpaper Hotel TV.

The global electronics producers and technology powerhouse, LG had this to say: The “razor thing” display becomes “one with the wall,” and the 65-inch product  (65EV960H) provides the hospitality industry with a television set that offers sleek aesthetics and the best image quality possible. Though its’ Ultra HD 4K OLED technologies, the new 4K OLED displays from LG are truly second to none.

What will come of the hospitality industry regarding 4K OLED displays? Will LG stay up to par with the likes of other professional AV companies like Dell, Samsung, and Planar? Here’s a consumer report regarding new 60 inch plus 4K OLED displays and non-4K OLED displays.

photo credit: Engadget

This article is a snippet from its’ original article on the Commercial Integrator website. To view that article, use this link.

Your Future in Full Color – Epson Poster Printer Seed Program

High Quality with a Personal Touch

Tired of expensive, generic posters hanging in your schools? Now you can print what you want, when you want it with the new EPSON SureColor T-Series line of poster printers. This seed program includes a 24” T-Series poster printer, one set of ink, 2 rolls of 24” paper, set up and onsite training. It is perfect for classrooms, media centers, club offices, arts/theater departments and more.

Learn more about the Epson Poster Printer Seed Program

Lindsey Baker, K-12 Sales


Looking For A Mobile Classroom For Your Public Or Private School? Look No Further

CCS Presentation Systems has brought to the market a one-of-a-kind solution for mobile training – a fully equipped mobile classroom!

CCS used the exact mobile training unit featured in this listing to provide interactive learning opportunities across the country. Since we are proud of being at the forefront of technology, AV solutions and quality learning experiences, we are letting our mobile classroom go to a deserving institution to live out the many years it has left, so the technical geniuses at CCS can begin designing the mobile classroom of the future, version 2.0. We can’t wait to see what their minds have in store for us, but in the meantime, this mobile classroom needs to find a new home and continue doing what it does best, teach and grow students!

Bid on the mobile unit here:

Take advantage of this incredible value and get your classroom on the move!

Those dreaded words – “For that, it’s an additional…”

CCS Presentation Systems knows the legwork it takes to get a product, audiovisual hardware or software budgeted and approved for your classroom. Even worse is when you as identify the best solution within your budget, only to find out the features you need cost EXTRA than the base package you were proposed.

So, how do you go about implementing a great solution without additional software charges?

Find a solution that doesn’t incur any additional costs. Find something which already has everything built-in to reduce set up time and extra charges.

Maybe something with a Windows 10 operating systems providing you access to all your Microsoft apps e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Which then opens up the world of the increasing popular OneNote software – a collaborative platform allowing you to access notes directly from your solution.

This particular piece of software has eradicated the need for additional software to be purchased, saving money immediately and in the long-run, and eliminating license renewal purchases.

OneNote allows for meeting/class notes and content to be captured and shared easily on any device (phone, tablet, laptop or touchscreen) or emailed to any OneNote Book to view or edit.

Sounds like a great idea doesn’t it? One of our manufacturer partners, Avocor, has the solution.

Avocor VTF interactive touch screens are unique to the market as the only panel to have an embedded Intel Quad-core processor running a Windows 10 operating system. This provides you with all the benefits you have dreamed about, saves money, time and further enhances the learning and teaching environment. Check out more of their products here!

Contact CCS Presentation Systems to schedule an Avocor demo, learn more about these products or ask those ultra-technical questions that CCS is best at.

Contact your local CCS Presentation Systems office in Florida at 904-998-7227
Not in Florida, contact a CCS office near you.

At The Top Of Your Educator’s Wish List: Interactive Projectors

Teachers around the country will lock up their classroom and head home for the holiday break next week. Some will leave with a wish list for Santa that includes current technology, classroom engagement and true growth for their students. Maybe even some wishes for rest and relaxation! While we can’t quite help you bake cookies or rest up, we
can help grant some of your tech holiday wishes and make your classroom the life of the school!

Wondering what you could use your interactive projector for?? Well, besides live tracking Santa’s sleigh route or watching your favorite holiday movies, there are hundreds of ways to engage students of all ages with an interactive projector in the classroom. A few of our favorites are listed below:

1. Turn ANY surface into a whiteboard.

Always wanted a touch-screen whiteboard? With the right projector, you can have one at a fraction of the cost. You can touch the wall or table with your finger or a special pen, and it responds just like a finger on a phone, tablet or touch-screen device. How cool is that? We are looking forward to seeing social studies lessons with an interactive map projected onto a table.

2. “I can’t see the pictures!”…not anymore!

The classic teacher struggle…reading a picture book to the entire class. At some point you will hear, “I can’t see!!”. Well now you can throw out that towering stack of big books from the ’90s that are taking up valuable space in your classroom. Never again worry that you’re going to hear, “I can’t see the pictures!” from one of your students. There’s nothing like gigantic images of favorite stories to keep kids engaged. If you’ve got an interactive projector, you can invite kids to the board to interact with the book while you’re reading. You can ask students to circle pictures, point out words, pronounce them properly and point to what the word describes…while the entire class is engaged. Awesome!

3. Interactive lessons to excite and engage students.

This is where you can really grab students of all ages. Many teachers build units to do with their students, which make it possible to create games like Bingo and Jeopardy! and even track classroom behavior. Some teachers have designed interactive units that invite children to collaborate on the big screen. Really, the possibilities are endless. We’ve been blown away by some of the lessons we’ve seen for interactive projectors.

Does designing your own lessons sound like a lot of work? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too. You can actually find pre-made lessons for interactive projectors all over the web. You’ll be amazed with the attention your lessons are getting when they are truly interactive and since the complexity of information and the way it’s displayed is totally up to you, your lesson can resonate with students of all ages. Free interactive resources here!

SMART Exchange – This SMART Technologies collaboration site provides thousands of free lesson plans and activities for teachers to use in the classroom. SMART lessons are available for a variety of ages and subjects

Scholastic – Scholastic provides interactive lessons for math, science, history and phonics. This site also features a search engine for lessons across North America.

Funbrain – Funbrain offers several interactive educational games. These fun games cover a range of subjects and grade levels.

4. Video streaming.

When boredom strikes children as young as 8 they are now likely to pull a tablet or phone out and disconnect from the group. You can avoid that scenario and captivate your kids with interactive opportunities to learn and have fun by watching videos together as a group on something other than their phone. Programs with very flexible schedules like summer and after school programs rely heavily on great technology to keep kids learning and growing without a set curriculum in place.

Can you imagine pausing a video on an interactive projector and then using your finger or digital pen to draw directly onto the screen to highlight a point or concept? Your kids will flip! You can also connect all their tablets to one screen for the independent-but-still-together experience. Get rid of the dangerous TV cart and do something better with their time!

5. Do everyday things more efficiently and more fun!

This might be at the top of the teacher holiday wish list, just doing the things you need to do every day, faster and while having more fun. Our solution is, you guessed it, an interactive experience! Take attendance with a fun slide set that was made for an interactive projector (like these), watch a video on how sprinkles are made for a birthday party, review your calendar and upcoming events efficiently. Check out Starfall!

READY TO SEND YOUR LETTER TO SANTA FOR ONE OF THESE? No need….just call CCS Presentation Systems and you’re taken care of, nationwide!

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

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