AV Consulting Done Right With CCS Presentation Systems

Audiovisual technology (AV) has the power to make or break a space. How many times have you attended a meeting or conference and the speaker was unintelligible or the call/video was dropped? How many times have you given a presentation and the device to show it on wasn’t working or was too complicated to use? Too many. When it comes time to integrate new technologies into your space you want to work with a company that is qualified and knows what they’re doing. That’s where CCS comes in; We run the AV consulting game.

CCS Presentation Systems, New England’s leading Audio Visual Integrator, has been providing AV consulting, integration, design, engineering, installation, sales and training services to its customers for over 20 years.

We know the AV industry is different than most. There is not a one-fits-all solution for integrating technology. For years we have worked with the Corporate, Government and Education markets and have learned that each market has its own set of needs and requirements.

Corporate clients tend to want to improve productivity, increase collaboration and deliver their messages. Education customers strive for ease of use and increased interaction/collaboration among students. Retail venues want to make shopping more fun so people stay longer, spend more and enjoy their shopping experience.

Technology, when designed correctly and in line with your vision, can accomplish all that. Our AV consultants take pride in providing clients with the correct solution for their needs. We provide clear communications, innovative solutions, and excellent project management to deliver a completed system on time and on budget.

Our consultation process is simple. The first step is to contact us and tell us about your project ideas and plans. We then review the approach, ask questions and make recommendations accordingly. From there, we create a design for the space and work with you for approval. Once approved, we schedule the installation and begin the transformation process.

When your project is complete, we make sure to stay connected to ensure you are satisfied and go over any questions you may have. Training can also be provided upon request. When you work with CCS you are working with a company that stays with you through the entire process and afterwards.

Let us help you transform your space. Not sure where to start? Start with a phone call/email that outlines your upcoming project. Let’s get the conversation started! 978-256-2001 or ccs_ma@ccsprojects.com.

How Affordable is Luxury Home Automation?

Have You Got The Budget For Luxury Home Automation?

Although home automation is a cool idea, most people have a perception that being able to control your lights, security, shades, music, and temperature by a touch of their mobile devices is a very expensive ordeal. It’s a fact that automating your home has been made extremely affordable due to the technological advancements and the competition between the numerous tech companies out there churning the automation products on a daily basis.
Moreover, you don’t have to be tech savvy to operate these controls. Automating a home is not a preserve of the rich anymore. In addition, you don’t have to undergo some complex training in order to start operating the automating systems in your home after installation.

How automating a home has been made affordable

The systems that the tech companies install in homes nowadays are affordable and scalable. You can start small and change options or add other systems into your home depending on your personal preferences and needs.

Since iPhone’s inception over a decade ago, people wouldn’t imagine that it could transform people’s lifestyles across the world as it has done. Millions of people currently use smartphones to navigate through their daily lives. Besides communicating, there are several functions of a smartphone that are just amazing and using it in your automation systems is just one of them.

When the first smartphone was introduced in 1992, it had a few features but it was very expensive to most people. In other words, as technology keeps advancing, services increase, and new devices emerge but prices keep going down. So, smart homeowners are slowly jumping from smartphones and embracing the technology of smart homes in this era of the Internet of Things (IoT). The automation systems are available everywhere at prices that are affordable to many.

In this app-driven world where you do almost everything using an app on your mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, it’s only reasonable that you automate your home and start getting the benefits of automating the way you live inside your home. Although automating a home might not be a consideration for many whenever they buy a new home, it’s prudent that you consider researching around for credible tech companies that can give you these conveniences that come with automating a home.

Benefits of Automation

Regardless of whether you own a vacation home or luxury home that you intend to rent out, smart home technologies should be your priority upgrade. The upgrade will boost the security and convenience of your home and make it more attractive to renters. In fact, the technologies will give renters increased comfort that they may consider as luxury amenities.

A vacation home can sit on a large portion of land for a long period without being occupied. That predisposes your home to several dangers like insecurity. Thieves target these homes because they’re guaranteed to a lot of time to conduct their burglaries.

A property that is unoccupied is also vulnerable to other problems such as a leak that goes on for an extended period unnoticed, vandalism, and other damages like mold or fire damage. Investing in automation will solve these problems for you.

With the smart security, you can keep the thieves off and it can also alert you immediately in case anything goes wrong on your property. The system motion and environmental sensors will pick up signals if anything problematic is happening on the property. On the other hand, the security cameras will let you check in whenever you want regardless of your location or time by using your mobile devices. Automating your home will also increase the value of your home in case you want to list it in the real estate market, and hence it’s an affordable investment at the end of the day.

Looking to step your home up a few notches by acquiring luxury home automation through CCS Presentation Systems? Head over to our Contact Page, and drop us a line. We’ll be in contact shortly to fully optimize the way you live in your home.

How To Go About The Wireless Presentation

Imagine that you are in a board meeting, and instead of the presenter coming before everyone gathered for the meeting opening a briefcase full of papers that pop out like biscuits from a can when he opens it. He or she begins handing out laminated copies of their vision for the project at hand. You see that they have done their best to make their wireless presentation aesthetically appealing, however all you can think about is that this presentation is only the first of many. “OMG, this is going to be a long one…” you think to yourself as the first presenter tells you to turn to page one of your pamphlet.

Believe it or not, wireless presentation could actually turn those board meetings into a pleasant experience, and not just a necessary evil or cost of doing business. If you’ve fully recovered from the previous scenario given, then take some timeout to visualize a better day, one that has been made possible by IoT and the collaborative spirit of it. Instead of you and your co-workers pouring over endless pamphlets, fishing for the best ideas, imagine a streamlined series of presentations in which everyone can display their work on a digital screen that everyone’s laptop, smartphone, and tablet can communicate with. Now everyone’s engaged instead of have a boardroom full of bored people. The following is a list of companies and their products that are designed to engender collaborative effort in the boardroom, classroom, or conference room.

Mersive Solstice

Mersive definitely has their finger on the pulse of corporate America. They understand the need to streamline the presentation and sharing of info in a meeting, and have created a platform that allows an unlimited number of devices to connect to a Solstice enabled shared display. This hastens the flow of the meeting and decision making by allowing projects to be simultaneously from devices sharing a preexisting wifi or ethernet network.

Crestron AirMedia

Crestron AirMedia has targeted not only the facilitation of collaboration in meetings, but have also put in place stoppages that reduce what they call “presentation chaos”. Their platform allows for interconnectivity of multiple devices to one centralized display, but they also incorporated a feature called moderator mode that allows for an admin to choose who will and won’t be able to present.


There isn’t much that AMX missed with their incarnation of a wireless presentation platform. However, the best feature offered by their system is the end of session purge. Any documents or files that are downloaded for your presentation are purged from the network when once your EnZo session is closed out. In a world where intellectual property is under constant threat of piracy, one can never be too careful.

Montage Display Note

While their might not be much that separates montage display from its competitors, they have the numbers posted on their website to show the positive affect that their system could have on your business. Their website boasts quantified improvements in sales, productivity, and even competitive advantage. Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t.

Extron ShareLink

Extron ShareLink is another titan in the wireless presentation field. Their product is designed for efficiency, and ease for the end user. Their platform allows for multiple users to share at once for compare and contrast applications, but also has moderator mode so that an admin can cut down on possible presentation over-inundation.

If you have not brought your boardroom, classroom, or conference room into the 21st century, then you are simply conceding the upper hand to your competition. It is highly likely that those who have already made the change to wireless presentation are getting twice as much accomplished in half the meetings. So, what are you waiting for?

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Colorado State Emergency Operations Center Responds To More Through CCS

When it comes to responding in a swift and unfailing manner, the Colorado State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) realizes the stakes are high. It is the central hub for all tribal, local, state and federal agencies to coordinate responses to hazard events, incidents, and disasters throughout the state. Additionally, a steadfast rise in the volume of information from various outlets has made it necessary for the SEOC to monitor many different sources simultaneously.

The Challenge

Operations Section Chief Chris Sorensen and his team dealt for years with close out equipment installed when the organization subleased the building that houses the SEOC. It consisted primarily of six-foot drop-down projector screens, overhead projectors, and three 42-inch plasma screens. By 2014, much of the equipment was either non-functional or faced a dwindling life span.

Additionally, the former setup obstructed the view of some team members in the emergency operations center space. The room is roughly 25 x 60 feet with 9-foot ceilings, providing space for about 50-60 work stations. This set-up made it difficult for some team members to see the important information being displayed because space lacked the signal replication capabilities that a video wall can offer.

Visibility issues extended to the projected images, which were not bright enough for team members to view. And lowering the lights rendered the environment adverse to video conferencing, which is a feature team members use for their day-to-day activities. The SEOC desired the ability to replicate signals from one side of the room to the other, in order to provide redundancy and increased angle of use. This would enable all team members in the emergency operations center space to view the content regardless of the side of the room where they sat. With a video wall, the team would also be able to place different images on the displays that comprised the wall.



  • Command and Control


  • Centennial, Colorado


  • Attain enhanced, real-time visibility into emergency situations


  • NEC Display Solutions X464UN-2


  • Ability to display a much wider and greater volume of information

Date of Installation:

  • June 2014

Ed Kern, Director of Installations at CCS Presentation Systems, oversaw the process of selecting equipment for the SEOC’s upgrade, which had an exceptionally tight timeframe. CCS recommended NEC Display Solutions products because it found the displays easy to install and calibrate during a similar project where NEC was installed. Sorensen and his team agreed readily, based on NEC’s stellar reputation and the ultra-narrow bezels featured on its X464UN-2 displays, which were an important consideration for the video walls it envisioned. NEC offered a level of support that the timeframe of the project
demanded, as well.

“We worked together with the SEOC electricians, the IT department, management and facilities staff to execute the installation in a timely manner.
Everyone jumped through hoops to make it happen. NEC was also extremely helpful,” Kern said, adding, “Our contact, Eric Fatovic, was stellar in reserving products for the task, as we had no room for error in delivery. He also ensured that NEC would ship the displays to us in a timely fashion, which they executed successfully. Without NEC’s support, we could not have made that commitment to the state.”

If you want to see the full article, straight from NEC, follow this link. If you want to see the post on CCS Colorado’s site, you can follow this link.

Apply the expertise of CCS New England to your venue or governmental place of work, by contacting us today!

8 Benefits of Commercial Digital Signage Displays for Bars

While digital signage is a significant investment, the marketing benefits can be substantial. Some advantages, like the fact that marketing messages can frequently be changed, are immediately apparent when it comes to digital signage. The average consumer in 2017 pays more attention to video marketing than any other form. Commercial digital signage increases the digital marketing efforts of any establishment. Below, we’ve listed eight benefits as to why commercial digital signage is great for sports bars and other bar establishments, alike.

Customer Recall Rate Increased Exponentially

Commercial digital signage displays for sports bars have a customer recall rate of approximately 83%, according to a 2015 survey. Due to the versatility of these displays, their messages can be changed often. Offering multiple messages during a customer’s visit can capture more than four times the views of a static display.

Promotions Encourage Spending From Commercial Digital Signage

The digital projectors and marketing displays of today can increase purchase amounts by almost 30%. Commercial digital signage displays encourage customers to make impulse decisions. Once again, a sports bar that uses digital signage will easily see a significant increase in overall volume. When it comes to digital marketing, bar owners are in a special place. They are able to let customers effortlessly know about daily specials and new products.

Retention Level: Maximum

These signs improve the customer’s ability to recall marketing messages; customer retention can increase by more than 30%. Digital signage on the commercial level allows for engaging messages to be shown to patrons. On any level of business, it’s always a pleasure for customers to understand that the business owners care about the customers.

High Level of Satisfaction

Establishments with digital signage report increased customer satisfaction rates. The digital messages can help bar patrons learn more about drinks, specials, and other things that make them feel as though they’re getting a good bang for their buck. These specific forms of digital signage will allow for consumers to have more time before placing a decision. If they’re an undecided customer, digital signage will also make an impact on speeding their decision up a bit.

Brand-New Traffic Generation & Retention

Bars using digital signage will generate increased repeat and first-time traffic. Having a message available to everyone based upon first-sight is a great thing for businesses. They can get a simple message out to anyone that walks by. This isn’t only great for bars and sports bars, it’s perfect for any sort of eatery, or establishment wishing to maintain a personable connection with their clients. This message will include a marketing plea, however, it comes off as soft and warming to new and everyday clients. Brand awareness can lead to much, much more word-of-mouth marketing.

Improved Customer Engagement

In the bar business, the longer a customer stays in your shop, the more money they’ll spend. Increasing customer engagement with your facility is essential to anyone looking to increase revenue. Using digital signage can increase
the visit length of your customers by up to 30%.

Eliminate Standby Time For Consumers

When digital displays provide something to read, look at, or become engaged with – they’re labeled distracting. This is a great thing in the restaurant and bar business. If patrons are waiting for a seat at the bar or waiting for their food, digital signs can be used to educate, amuse, or acquire an interest.

Increase Company Morale

Customers aren’t the only ones affected by digital signage. When bars utilize digital signage, it allows for employees to become more productive and engaged in the work environment. It allows bartenders to remember which drinks to promote, and servers with what food they’re promoting. It allows for customers to ask employees for more information about the bar’s products. This is a win-win regarding customer engagement and employee commonplace job knowledge.

Digital advertising isn’t nearly as expensive as it once was. It’s within reach of experienced bar owners. By considering the benefits listed here, owners can make quick, informed decisions that benefit employees, patrons, and themselves. Looking to install a digital sign in your establishment? CCS Mid-Atlantic is a professional commercial digital signage installation company. We specialize in AV design, as well as implementation. Visit our contact page and tell us how we can help your business flourish!

How AV Integration Has Helped Higher Education

How AV Integration Has Helped Higher Education

Schools around the nation are grasping the new av innovation for the learning background for their very important education. Audio video has transferred from the assembly hall into the classroom. Utilizing av solutions in the classroom improves the content in the learning background for students. Advanced education settings, to utilize classroom av – enhances classroom engagement and student participation. Students and teachers can be associated in cooperative and inventive ways that can include flipped classrooms, remote learning experiences, intuitive coordinated effort, and technologically-blended classrooms. Schools and colleges have the budget to enable them to utilize the highest level of technology for their students. These additions are beneficial for all students because it prepares them for the modern workplace.

What Caused This Shift of AV Integration In Education?

Millennials of any age are stuck to cell phones and other electronic gadgets. They react well to electronic introductions during their time of being taught. Along these lines, educators must conform to this new reality and discover approaches to guarantee classroom engagement amid class time. This has prompted av mix in the classroom as teachers interact in more inventive or community oriented ways. This era and future eras of students like to learn and draw on computerized stages notwithstanding customary educating techniques. Basically, students are too involved with technology to veer away from it, for educational purposes.

Digital education is a great thing. It allows from classes to be held outside of lecture halls. It also allows professors and instructors to really push their boundaries. During this push, a more interesting dissemination of information is born. This seems much better for pupils that standardized, one-sided lectures. Students are grateful in this instance, due to the cut of education costs. Professors are happy, due to the vast level of complexity they can hold their lectures to. Often a time they’ll use collaborative learning platforms, data analysis platforms, and synchronous as well as asynchronous video to engage students. Those professors who see the value of technological innovations in education can have seamless integration of AV technology and IT solutions to deliver better classroom experiences for their students. These next-gen professors will definitely see an improved level of student engagement, as well as an increased level of student retention.

Audio Video Improvements

AV equipment has improved immensely over the course of a decade. We are no longer in the age of the back-of-the-room projector, with a terribly grainy image as it’s output. Now we’ve got improved projection quality through LED, LCD or HD screen and whiteboard implementation. These classroom-savvy lamp-free ultra short throw interactive projectors are a teacher’s answered prayers. A great amount of enhanced AV technology pairs extremely well with classroom information distribution methods, to fully-deliver a curated educational message to students.

Boundaries to using this tech are being removed, as integration and wireless connectivity become a mandatory update at many colleges and universities around America. This is extremely costly and time consuming for the institutions. However, in order to stay competitive in the field of higher education, renovations must be made. AV solutions must work well in order to be effective. Without seamless connection, pupils can become lost or uninterested due to a lower quality presentation.

The Classroom That’s Fully Optimized

To create a fully optimized classroom, the educators must react to the changing types of classrooms. New models of learning will show that a lot of students prefer digital material. A fully evolved learning process will come from a fully optimized and AV-friendly classroom. Some classrooms have interactive tables with electronic workstations, as a resource for the students. Individual screens and outputs for the students will optimize the way they learn, giving them more 1 on 1 time with what they’re learning.

In the future, classrooms may hold augmented and virtual reality platforms that successfully immerse students in a fantastic, digital learning experience. The key to success is to hire a dedicated audiovisual integration team to design and install the audio and video system. CCS Presentation Systems has worked in the higher education field on many cases and loves provided curated AV solutions for campuses that greatly benefit from it.

To find out what CCS Presentation Systems can do regarding your higher education technology installment, visit our contact page and fill us in as to what we can do for your organization.

Reasons to Choose an Outside Conference Room Audio Visual Integration Provider

Using a conference center or hotel’s in-house AV staff and equipment may seem like an efficient, quick solution for a meeting planner. However, by working with an outside Audio Visual Integration company, planners can save money without sacrificing service. Below are the best reasons to hire outsiders for Conference Room Audio Visual Integration.

It’s Available

In-house AV suppliers aren’t a company’s only option. Some venues make a commission when booking AV services through contracted providers, and that’s why they recommend them. However, venues cannot prevent customers from bringing in their own Audio Video Integration providers. Regardless of which option a planner chooses, it’s wise to get a few quotes as a way of driving down in-house expenses.

Updated and Upgraded Technology and Equipment

Outside audiovisual providers constantly buy new equipment as they phase out worn-out or old products. When going with an external provider, planners are more likely to get top-notch Conference Room Audio and video equipment. Even if the event doesn’t require the newest laptops and projectors, outside providers have various options to meet clients’ needs and budgets.

Hire a Dedicated Team, Get Dedicated Service

An in-house AV team is typically responsible for every event happening at the same venue. By going with an outside provider of their choice, a planner gets the benefit of dedicated support for their event. Then, if there’s more than one event at the location, hiring the same team will ensure that the customer continues to get the support they need.

Experience Coordinating Nationwide Events

While it’s true that an in-house Conference Room Audio Visual provider may be able to offer support for events that occur in more than one location, the most effective way to ensure consistent, reliable service is to hire an outside company that specializes in nationwide Conference Room Audio and video integration. Full-service providers offer the same service in every location, and they offer dedicated support to ensure consistency across multiple events.

Easy Management of Last-Minute Additions and Changes

Regardless of how carefully an event or meeting is planned, last-minute additions, subtractions, and other changes are sometimes necessary. While a venue’s audiovisual team may have equipment onsite, the specific tools a customer needs may not be there, or they may be in use somewhere else. An outside Conference Room Audio Visual Integration provider should have a widespread distribution network, which makes it easier for them to handle last-minute requests from customers.

More Service and Equipment Options

Outside audiovisual integration companies have numerous options for AV services and equipment. This allows customers to choose different price points, which makes it easier to keep the event’s budget in line. Additionally, with nationwide equipment rental capabilities, customers are more likely to get just what they need for their next event.

No More Surprise Fees After an Event

If a customer books an event with an outside audiovisual provider, they’ll never have to worry about additional fees after an event. Sometimes, in-house AV teams will charge for things such as extra tech support, and they won’t tell the client until after the event takes place. The best outside providers will always ask for the customer’s permission before making extra charges.

Consistent Pricing, Regardless of Location

In-house AV services, equipment, and costs may vary depending on where an event is held. For a company that’s planning conferences in multiple places, it’s possible to save money by hiring an outside AV provider. With the right AV company, customers get onsite consistency, a single point of contact, and flat fees in each venue where meetings are held.

While there are other reasons to hire an outside AV integration company, these are some of the most important factors. For more information on the company’s products and services, call today or visit the website.

Crestron Control System Configuration and Programming

Crestron Control Systems are used in many av integration installations. They house the entire command center, and point of management when controlling multiple forms of presentation. Connecting a couple of different things and managing them isn’t difficult whatsoever when you’ve got Crestron on your side. One difficult thing, however, could be learning all of the different programs and configuration programs for Crestron Control Systems. Today, we’ll be covering the important key pieces of all six Crestron Control System applications.

Crestron Studio (SW-CRESTRON-STUDIO)

  • Unified programming and GUI Design Software

Top Five Features

  1. Programming, GUI design, engraving, device setup and network config.
  2. Auto-discovery of any Crestron device’s serial number and automatic addressing
  3. Drag and drop customization
  4. Easy programming for touch screen* devices, no coding required
  5. Smart Graphics capabilities including gesture based controls

*only compatible with touch screens in support of Smart Graphics

SystemBuilder (SW-SB)

  • Advanced Development Suite

Top Five Features

  1. Includes a variety of wizards that make basic system config. swift and simple
  2. Offers automated operations for creating complete control system projects
  3. SystemBuilder automatically generates, compiles, and uploads the system, including VisionTools Pro-e touchpanel projects and control system logic
  4. Supports MediaManager as well as all Crestron control systems
  5. Point-and-click easy programming

Development Spec Sheet pdf


  • Control System Programming Software

Crestron SIMPL Windows software provides all the tools you need in regards to configuration, program testing, and control system debugging applications.

Top Five Features

  1. Seamless configuration, covering the control system, user interfaces, network devices and controlled equipment
  2. Premier developing environment
  3. Powerful diagnostic tools: Test Manager, Network Analyzer, Crestron Viewport
  4. SIMPL windows gigantic library of logic symbols
  5. Crestron Live Update – utility that checks for latest available Crestron software

Development Spec Sheet pdf


  • C# Libraries and Programming for 3-Series Control Systems

Top Five Features

  1. C# library for SIMPL & SIMPL+ devices, as well as control system programming in C# for 3-series processors
  2. Widely used programming language
  3. Single-step debugging
  4. Easy room change configurations
  5. Plugin for Visual Studio Professional 2008 Service Pack 1

Development SIMPL# & SIMPL#Pro Spec Sheet pdf


  • Procedural Language Extension to Crestron SIMPL Windows

Top Five Features

  1. Pairs perfectly with VTPro to make a powerful control system design and programming tool
  2. Completely integrated into SIMPL windows
  3. Powerful and flexible program
  4. Great for programmers familiar with C or BASIC
  5. Every Logic symbol you’re going to need

Programming Guide

Language Reference Guide

Development Spec Sheet pdf


  • GUI Design Software

Top Five Features

  1. Comprehensive touch screen Graphical User Interface (GUI) design software
  2. Easy to use
  3. Able to configure Crestron keypads
  4. Provides support for legacy touch screens
  5. Interacts and supports most Crestron products

Development Spec Sheet pdf

Feel free to click any of the application names for a quick link to the official description of each of this software. For more information on Crestron Control System Configuration and Development, visit the Crestron System Development section here.

Interested in receiving a Crestron Control System from CCS Presentation Systems for your business? Drop us a line, with what you’re in need of, on our contact page.

Happy Integrating!

LG launches Pro Centric Direct for Hospitality TV’s

LG Electronics USA Business Solutions is launching an advanced new content management system for hotels called Pro:Centric Direct that features an authoring tool using drag and drop widgets as well as new over-the-top Internet video streaming and casting services. The upgraded Pro:Centric Direct platform allows system integrators virtually unlimited design options for guest user interfaces while providing them access to new streaming services in partnership with system integrators.

Based on HTML5, the LG Pro:Centric Direct platform features easy editing tools to allow the system integrator to design a truly custom look and feel for their hotel clients – from a blank template “free design” to various theme templates provided by LG.

Pro:Centric Direct enables LG’s system integrator partners to interface their network servers and Chromecast or similar casting devices, to enable guests to pair and stream content from their Android and iOS mobile devices, or launch any of the embedded applications of LG’s smart hotel TVs. Providing guests access to these services either from their devices or from the smart television platform offers a wide selection of Internet-based video and music entertainment options within a single unified platform, Kosla explained.

LG Pro:Centric Direct also helps hoteliers keep guests up-to-date on hotel activities, news, weather and other information within seconds through widgets that can be placed on the TVs home screen. Offering guests more services than ever before, the LG Pro:Centric Direct platform features an IP interface for two-way communications, enabling guests to place orders for room service, make appointments at the spa, interact with the concierge, review their portfolio and check out, to name a few. Guests no longer have to search the room for information. All updates, menus and content are in one place – on the TV.

Why Should Your School Use Commercial Classroom AV Design?

The NEC Star Student Program is an accredited, non-profit program that is being used in multiple private, public, Montessori, and charter schools. This program is being implemented in many different K-12 schools, universities, colleges, and administrative school districts across Canada and the United States.

One of the main goals of the NEC Star Student Program is to provide new educational technology and correlated tools for students. This means taking a different approach to the way teaching has been done in previous years. By providing new interactive and collaborative technologies to be employed in classrooms, students should be able to develop new skills as well as improve the ones they already have.

Schools need to make a commitment with Classroom AV Design, especially when choosing to participate in the program. This includes planning all of the AV equipment necessary as well as its full integration and training.

Among the different equipment involved and required for proper classroom AV design, schools particularly need to adopt Interactive whiteboards (IWB). IWBs have evolved throughout the years in a way that they can easily connect and interact with other devices that are used to present in a classroom like laptops, tablets, and even video conferencing. Many people see IWBs as the new evolution of a classroom projector because of their versatility; they can be used during discussions, problem-solving as a group, and in presentations.

Classroom AV Design has a lot of Benefits

  1. Improved Student Participation

    • When students are required to participate in the classroom, they will feel a lot more motivated when they interact with new technologies.
  2. Improved Cognitive Learning
    • While some students tend to be auditory learners, most students tend to learn better when there are presentations and visual cues. Implementing a classroom AV design will allow all students to learn in the best way for each one of them.
  3. Promotes Technology Learning
    • By seeing new classroom technology in action and using it in application, students will be more willing to adapt technologies in the future as it continues to evolve. They will see what technology is able to do for them, and they’ll begin to gain interest in learning more about the subject being taught in front of them.
  4. Promotes Collaboration
    • Teachers need to engage their students because this is the only way for them to actually become an integral part of the learning process. And by doing this, newer Classroom AV Design is promoting collaboration between students as well as between teachers.

There’s no question that technology can greatly help teach students new skills that they will need in the future. Adopting a modern classroom AV design with the help of NEC and their Star Student program is just one of many steps in the right direction. Contact us today at CCS Presentation Systems for more details on how we can help you, your students, & your classroom.