When it comes to projectors, especially those used for entertainment purposes, there’s an awful lot of things to consider. However, for small commercial theaters looking for an excellent digital product, or if a person wants their home theater to offer a premier theater experience, a small format Digital Cinema Projector is the way to go. That is what makes the NEC 1000C a great choice for these particular scenarios.

Flexible Connectivity

When surmising that the NC1000C projector is the perfect choice for small commercial theaters and top-flight home theaters, much of this lies in its flexibility. From a connectivity standpoint, the NEC 1000C is great for a small theater environment.

Since actual reel film is seldom used, a small commercial theater will need to conform to the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) specifications. The DCI is an initiative formed by movie studios, cinema entertainment corporations, video technology manufacturers and movie directors to standardize distribution of motion picture content.

With virtually every commercial cinema delivering digital content, a standardized method of delivering this content in a safe and affordable way was devised. Although there have been changes made to the delivery format, from hard drives of the past to downloaded content in the form of jpeg2000 files, most commercial theaters will need to receive movie content in this manner.

NEC projectors, especially the smaller format 1000C, allows for this. Since most commercial theaters play this content from a central post cinema server, the 1000C allows for the proper connections to these servers. While most home theater systems use HDMI connections, professional commercial theaters use HD-SDI connections from the server to the projector. These connections are more physically secure, cheaper and offer better video quality. The 1000C comes standard with 2 different HD-SDI connections and integrated software to accept this signal from a central post cinema server.

Integrated Server Functions

For smaller theaters that either don’t use a central server or can’t afford one, the 1000C offers an integrated media server function. This can act as a central server for DCI in situations where a separate server is not available. With its ability to download compressed audio and video motion picture files, the 1000C is a perfect self-contained digital theater system.

Home Theater Connections

However, if it’s a top-level home theater experience a person is looking for, the 1000c also comes standard with HDMI connections, USB ports, eSATA connections and an Ethernet connection. For theater quality sound, the 1000C also offers full 16 digital audio output channels at 96kHZ/24 bit clarity.

Easy to Maintain and Compact

What also makes this particular projector even more appealing is its ease of use and how simple it is to maintain. From a maintenance standpoint, one of the biggest downsides to projectors is how difficult it can be to replace expired lamps, especially in permanent installations. However, this particular projector allows users to access the lamp from the back of the unit. This makes replacing a lamp extremely easy.

With it being small, it can be placed in a rather confined area if no other larger space is available. In addition, because of its size, it is a perfect solution for mobile applications that require high-quality video.

Resolution Quality

In terms of quality, this Digital Cinema Projector offers full 2k 3D resolution. In fact, it is one of the few small format projectors that provides 2K resolution certified by the DCI, thanks to its integrated Texas Instrument 2K video chip. It also offers quality 1600:1 contrast ratio, which works extremely well in dark theater settings.

When it comes to small theater applications or a premium home theater experience, a strong, compact and flexible projector will be needed. For that reason, many people turn to CCS Presentation Systems and the 1000C.

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