When it comes to teaching in an educational setting, educators are constantly looking for ways to reach and entice their students. One way to do this is by integrating presentation technology into their classrooms and lesson plans. Presentation technology exists to help teachers bring content to life and presents information in a way that better resonates with students. Some educators take their presentations to the next level, while others prefer more old-fashioned methods. By using presentation technologies in the classroom you can go “beyond the PowerPoint” with your class. This blog outlines the importance of presentation technology in the K12 and higher education settings as well as the benefits it can bring to teachers and students alike.

ClearTouch, InFocus and Epson are three brands that make our lives easier by introducing new, time-saving technology. On the left you’ll see an image of a set of SMART board displays. SMART displays are great learning tools that increase student engagement tremendously. As far as K-12 goes, SMART boards, ClearTouch displays, JTouch displays, and Epson interactive projectors are currently offering multiple ways for new, young students to begin to love to learn.

In 2006, SMART Technologies, Inc. reported that there were more than 250,000 SMART interactive displays installed in classrooms across the globe. Can you even begin to imagine what that number looks like now? JTouch displays are similar to SMART interactive displays, as they both allow for increased student engagement and a higher level of new-student passion for what they’re learning. An interactive display allows for students to learn at their own pace, in an immediate way. As an audiovisual integrator, we are able to help provide K12 classrooms with new technologies that give students new, innovative learning tools to help them connect with and appreciate what they are learning.

In higher education settings, the main focus is communication. With laser projectors by Panasonic, Sony, NEC, Hitachi, Christie & Epson, educators will be properly prepared to present information in a professional, transparent way. High quality displays help with graphics arts majors, and programs like TeamViewer shown on products such as the NEC ThinkHub allow for college undergrads to actively collaborate on projects with their instructors and fellow students. While we obviously think audio visual technologies are great, research has shown that “a campus with new innovative, educational technology allows for >50% increased student innovative reasoning skills, and higher communication skills between students and faculty.

As a whole, technology greatly changes the way information is presented, taught and experienced in both colleges and K-12 settings. Text that was once only available in a hard copy book is now readily available via ebook on a tablet device. At local Charter schools all around the United States, children are now prompted to BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. Technology is constantly changing and advancing as each year passes. CCS Presentation Systems stays at the forefront of these changes to provide you with the knowledge and guidance to integrate it into your daily lessons. As a company, we have witnessed the everlasting effect that immediate access to technology at an early age, in an education setting, can have on up and coming scholars. Contact us today and revitalize your classroom with affordable, innovative education technology! Your students will thank you, trust us!

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photo credit: Chicago Policy Review

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