Visual communication has expanded greatly over the past few years. Rather than just being able to see remote participants at a meeting or presentation, people can now physically collaborate over distances. Live Video Streaming, for example, allows presenters to collaborate on training, classes, meetings, or problem solving from anywhere in the world. A corporate office in New Zealand can work on a project with an affiliate branch in China. Planning, managing, implementing, and updating all parties involved is quick and easy.

Advantages of Advanced Technology

Live Webcasting services through Discover Video products and services allows entities to create, manage, and distribute live broadcasts via their websites. Engaging customers, users, and potential partners has never been easier. Events, product launches, announcements, demonstrations, and even meetings can be presented to a huge audience.

One system, called Streamsie, captures the video to be displayed. That means the company, hospital, branch of government, school, or corporate office retains total control of the broadcast. DEVOS is the system that provides the portal through which management and distribution is decided. The internet services system, ARCUS, delivers the broadcast to everyone in the intended audience. Three easy steps makes live broadcasts affordable, creative, and effective.

Video On Demand lets people bring up training videos, previous meetings, classroom lessons for review, strategic plans, ideas from collaborative sessions, or even measurement guides for project assessments. The advantages of this option for businesses is increased return on training investments, quick reference to specifications of construction or a product in development, and a way to compare and contrast success and failures.

Implications for Education

University professors can record a lecture, upload it to the system, and review it before presentation to the masses. Law school students can be exposed to mock trials, real trials, and create their own trials to develop skills, practice presentations, and try different approaches to one particular case. Medical practitioners can be updated on new techniques and procedures, review operations for assessment, or use video to enhance a class.

SMART Boards can be added to elementary and high schools to engage students and encourage collaboration. These boards, available through Discover Video, CCS Presentation Systems, and other distributors, allow different students to write on the board at the same time, in different colored ink. Touch functions like rotating images, zooming in on a section, or combining components on the board make it easy for students to present ideas, add to them, and move them around to reach a conclusion, develop more questions, or lead to another hypothesis.

Expanding Visual Communication in Other Ways

Discover Video also offers other ways to expand the reach of visual communication. Digital signage, for example, can be used to capture attention in a busy shopping mall, office building, or conference center lobby. Making your business stand out from the competition is the goal of creating eye-catching graphics, displaying featured products on a rotating basis, and drawing in customers with sight as well as sound.

Publishing live webcasts or streaming videos onto social media sites is also an option. Embedded codes can provide the access to far reaching exposure, capturing the attention on every possible target audience, and sharing opportunities for social media users. Visual communication can be viewed on connected televisions, interactive whiteboards, iPads, Smart phones, tablets, desk tops, and Roku devices.

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