Audio-visual consultants are more and more in demand. But what exactly is an AV consultant and how can you become one? The following explains what it takes to do to make your dream of becoming an audio-visual consultant a reality.

Job Duties

The duties of an audio-visual consultant are often complex and multifaceted. As an audio-visual professional, you will be required to have a great deal of creativity and maintain exceptional attention to detail. You will also need to understand all of the technical aspects of audio-visual equipment as it relates to their implementation in a professional AV setup.

As an audio-visual consultant, you will be expected to:

  • Meet with a number of varying clients to determine their audio-visual needs
  • Document client needs to devise a custom audio-visual plan
  • Develop and manage a predetermined AV budget, ensuring that all audio-visual needs are met within the budget
  • Create and design professional audio-video systems for a myriad of businesses and organizations with varied AV needs
  • Collaborate with audio-video vendors to meet the design plan’s equipment needs while working to maintain pricing that aligns with the predetermined budget
  • Oversee and assist in the implementation and installation of the AV plan
  • Test the audio-visual equipment after installation, correcting anything that doesn’t work properly
  • Monitor and sustain relationships with the audio-visual client after installation is complete, ensuring that the AV setup is maintained and functional

As you can see, a career as an audio-visual consultant requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. You must have a mastery of the professional technology you are installing, as well as an understanding of how that technology meets the client’s business goals. So what type of training and education is needed to become an AV professional?

Education and Training

Because audio-visual consulting requires an advanced understanding of professional AV technology, it is recommended that those interested in a career in this field have education and experience that goes beyond the high school level. Audio-visual programs at both technical schools and universities give students the background knowledge necessary to perform the everyday duties in their career as a consultant. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree also offers audio-visual consultants a professional advantage in the highly competitive field.

Many technical schools and trade schools offer one- and two-year programs that focus on careers in the audio-visual industry. These programs usually result in certificates or degrees that will give you a competitive advantage as a consultant. They also help prepare students for a more advanced degree at the university level, should you later choose to pursue that route.

At the university level, students are offered more advanced training in the audio-visual field. A university education usually results in a 4-year bachelor’s degree. While program offerings vary depending on the university you choose, many AV professionals find the following degree programs useful to their career:

  • Television production and management
  • Broadcasting
  • Visual journalism
  • New media

Audio-visual consultants with advanced training or certificates related to specific AV equipment may also find it to be advantageous in their careers.

Professional Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in the audio-visual industry are anticipated to grow 12% by 2024. Audio-visual consultants are expected to see a rise as part of this growth. The job prospects for highly qualified audio-visual experts look positive, and well-trained consultants will be needed as the industry continues to grow. Companies like CCS Presentation Systems will continue to look to partner with the very best in the audio-visual community, including with the best consultants.

A career in audio-visual consulting is within your reach. With the right training and an understanding of the necessary skills, you can be well on your way to a job in just a few years.

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