SMART Podium 624

Engaging students and maintaining productivity at a distance can be an overwhelming challenge when not having the students in class. This does not have to be the case with the 24” SMART Podium 624.

Simple Installation
Setup for the SMART Podium is as easy as connecting a computer (Windows, Mac or Chrome OS) and then the instructor is ready to interact with the class in real-time. Adjust the tilt stand to use the SMART Podium comfortably on any desk.

Improve Understanding
Instructors can record lessons that capture the interactive teaching for students to watch on their own time. The SMART Podium comes with SMART Learning Suite which includes SMART Notebook and SMART Ink. SMART Ink allows for illustrations and adding notes on lesson content, videos, PDF’s and much more. This motivates students to participate more seeing their ideas, suggestions and feedback addressed live.

If you would like to learn more about SMART Podium, please contact CCS Southeast at 904-998-7227 or on LinkedIn and an account manager will discuss your application and answer any questions.

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