LG Electronics USA has released it’s new LG OLED wallpaper Hotel TV.

The global electronics producers and technology powerhouse, LG had this to say: The “razor thing” display becomes “one with the wall,” and the 65-inch product  (65EV960H) provides the hospitality industry with a television set that offers sleek aesthetics and the best image quality possible. Though its’ Ultra HD 4K OLED technologies, the new 4K OLED displays from LG are truly second to none.

What will come of the hospitality industry regarding 4K OLED displays? Will LG stay up to par with the likes of other professional AV companies like Dell, Samsung, and Planar? Here’s a consumer report regarding new 60 inch plus 4K OLED displays and non-4K OLED displays.

photo credit: Engadget

This article is a snippet from its’ original article on the Commercial Integrator website. To view that article, use this link.

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