How Cloud-Based Video Conferencing is Revolutionizing Corporate Communications

As more people bring mobile devices to the boardroom,video conferencing technologies allow for greater collaboration in the boardroom.
In particular, cloud-based video conferencing is on its way to becoming the standard for business communications. It facilitates mobile conferences, telecommuting employees, long-distance training, and remote clientele without an extensive investment in infrastructure, hardware, and networking.
Why consider video conferencing in the cloud? Read on to see what benefits cloud-based video conferencing offers businesses.

Cloud-Based Video Conferencing: The Future of Business Communications?


Thanks to cloud-based video conferencing, people can participate using whatever means necessary – their desktop, mobile device, or conference room system will all work with the cloud-based technology. With the ease-of-use of cloud-based video conferencing programs, employees and clients will be able to operate them comfortably, enabling a smoother conversation focused on substance, not technical troubleshooting. Connecting to participants in remote locations will be quick and effortless.


Traditional video conferencing set-up involves a more costly infrastructure, including equipment for all user locations set up for the conferencing system and networking with significant bandwidth to accommodate the calls. Cloud-based video conferencing does away with most of these costs. Your cloud service provider will handle setting up and maintaining the necessary infrastructure, leaving you to focus on your conferences.

Streamlined Process

With cloud-based video conferencing in place, your communication processes will be streamlined, as the technology will standardize the way calls are connected and managed, whether they are multi-point calls or point-to-point calls.

What if your in-house video conferencing system differs from that of one of your participants? Cloud-based video conferencing services offer transcoding, a process that essentially translates differing protocols from video conferencing systems to establish a uniform format, enabling the systems to “speak” to each other.

Expand Your Communication Horizons With Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

Let CCS New England help you select and operate a cloud-based video conferencing solution to change the way your business communicates. We can provide full system integration to outfit your conference room with the right equipment, allowing you to easily operate cloud-based video conferencing sessions.

Why a Video Wall Might be Your Company’s Most Valuable Visual Asset

Look around your local mall and you’ll see that our increasingly digital and visual society has made the video wall a part of everyday life. No longer are metropolitan areas like Times Square or Tokyo the only places you’ll find lit up with video walls — businesses have expanded their use of the technology to retail areas and other public spaces.

Here’s why we think a video wall might be the MVP when it comes to your business’ advertising efforts.

What Makes a Video Wall an Important Business Tool?

High-Performance Equipment to Produce Stunning Visuals

If you build your video wall right, you’ll be using state-of-the-art equipment to create one large, seamless display. Cutting edge technologies like DLP and LED will ensure the image quality of your video wall, creating a showstopping display to best engage consumers.

With the right displays and systems integration, you can create a color calibrated video wall with uniform brightness and saturation. A modern video wall will also be able to handle high resolution content consumers will love.

Reliable Display, Easy Maintenance

Your video wall can run 24/7 without interruption. Commercial-grade displays and components are designed to withstand the elements when used in outdoor applications. Systems are designed to enable easy maintenance when it’s required. DLP and LED technologies also ensure a video wall that’s long-lasting.

Versatile Design & Applications

The versatility of the video wall also makes it an advertiser’s dream. Displays configured in almost any way you envision. Screen sizes, orientations, and configurations can be adjusted to create the video wall you envision. They can be used in countless commercial applications, from retail spaces and corporate lobbies, to airports and casinos, to athletic complexes and concert venues.

Your video wall can also be equipped with advanced functionality like touchscreen technology, content creation software, and control systems. A professional systems integrator can advise you on the right industrial-strength video wall displays to use, help design and deploy the video wall, plus integrate cooling and electrical elements needed to create a proper, functional infrastructure.

Wow Consumers With a State-of-the-Art Video Wall

Stand out from the competition with a stunning video wall that consumers can’t look away from. CCS New England can guide you through the process, from video wall design and component selection to systems integration and training.

To learn more about creating a video wall with CCS New England, call us today.

Harness These Digital Signage Trends to Promote Your Business

Take a moment and try to think of a time when you didn’t look at a screen every few hours.

Thanks to advancements in technology and the interconnectivity of the internet, screens have become a part of our everyday landscape. If you’re a business owner who’s not capitalizing on this with digital signage, then you’re missing out on a prime opportunity.

Today, we’re exploring the digital signage trends you can use to better promote your business.

Digital Signage Trends for Businesses

Proximity-Based Digital Signage

With proximity-based technology, digital signage can now be used to target nearby customers with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones or tablets. This means your business can supply coupons or special offers to consumers who are close, encouraging them to stop by.


Facial Recognition

Digital signage can even use cameras with facial recognition to pinpoint the demographics of passing consumers. It will then display ads that appeal to their gender and age group. Additionally, it can track how long the person views the ads, allowing advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their content.

Touchscreen Technology

Touchscreen digital signage is rising in popularity, partly because it captures consumers’ attention with its interactivity. Consumers are more engaged with touchscreen digital signage, and thanks to the spread of smart phones, many people are comfortable using touchscreens.

Interactive Ads

Advertisers are taking the interactivity of touchscreen digital signage to a new level. Some digital signage can even be accompanied with sensors that detect people’s movements and play corresponding ads, provide coupons, or even supply product samples. The more interactive your digital signage, the more firmly your advertisement will stick in the viewers’ minds.

Cloud-Based Digital Signage

With cloud-based digital signage, advertisers can control signage remotely on desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. This will allow for easier content adjustments and more streamlined campaign launches.

Stay Updated on the Latest in Digital Signage with CCS New England

CCS New England is your resource for the latest in digital signage technology. Call us today to discuss your needs, and we can match your business with the best digital signage products.

How Video Conferencing Can Boost Your Business

Communication is a key component of any good organization. Without the right communication tools, you won’t reach your full potential.

One of the most vital communication tools in our visually-inclined world is video conferencing. As businesses look for ways to bridge geographical distances and enable more flexible collaboration, video conferencing has emerged as an effective solution.

Here are three key ways that your small business or corporation can benefit from video conferencing technology.

Why Your Business Needs Video Conferencing

Serve a Wider Area Without the Expense


With the right video conferencing technology, your company can communicate with remote customers or business contacts while reducing travel expenses. Hold meeting with distant clients and colleagues from your conference room or office. With video conferencing, you can communicate across the country or across the globe with the click of a finger.

Offer Flexibility to Clients & Employees

Video conferencing enables businesses to be more flexible with customers and employees alike. Your customers will appreciate the high definition visual communication and employees can participate in meetings remotely which allows them to be more productive.

Communicate More Thoroughly & Effectively

When you use video conferencing, your communication is more personal than with a simple conference call or email. With video conferencing, you can use visual aids, walk your client through any processes, and troubleshoot issues in real time and more.

Get High-Quality Video Conferencing From CCS New England

Don’t limit your company’s communication potential. CCS New England can help you select and install the right video conferencing technology for your business.

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Hitachi Launches new DLP Projector for Businesses, Schools and Large Venues

CCS Presentation Systems loves when we can offer new projector models to our customers. So it’s exciting to share with you news from our new manufacturing partner Hitachi America about its latest projector aimed at businesses, schools and large venue events. It’s the 13,000 lumen, 3D-ready CP-WU13K DLP projector in its Professional Series.

The projector incorporates a high amount of usability and functionality, featuring 3-chip DLP technology, 3G SDI and four digital inputs. It also comes equipped with a dual lamp system; in case of one malfunctioning lamp, the second lamp automatically activates and projects the image with no interruption in the projection. Because of this functionality, the projector is ideal for companies to utilize this audio-visual solution in corporate boardroom settings, school auditoriums, broadcast applications, museums and even concert and state venues.

The CPWU13K comes equipped with an application for geometric correction, meaning that projection can be done on spherical surfaces and well as flat screen surfaces and even surfaces with corners. Other projector features on the CPWU13K include lens shift control, a motorized focus, and motorized zoom, which lets users have a wide range of installation possibilities.

Hitachi is one of the top projector manufacturers in the world and offers a wide range of high-performance 3LCD and DLP multimedia projector solutions. Hitachi’s models include interactive and ultra-short throw projectors to collegiate, installation and professional projectors. CCS and Hitachi work closely on client AV solutions across all of the CCS 23 office locations.

If your business, school or venue needs a new projector setup, contact CCS Presentation Systems. Our company provides full-service integration, installation and maintenance of audio and video equipment, including LCD & plasma displays, digital projectors, interactive whiteboards, room control systems, audio systems, high definition videoconferencing systems and more. CCS is one of the largest A/V integrators in the U.S. with more than 300 employees, sales offices in 13 states and annual revenue in excess of $115 million. For more information about CCS, visit

Hitachi To Offer off-white Color Versions of its 9000 Series Projectors

Our manufacturing partner Hitachi has followed up its February announcement of a new line of ultra short-throw projectors with even bigger news: Hitachi is developing an off-white colored version of the 9000 Series DLP projectors.

With this new development Hitachi makes its projectors blend more easily into existing academic or corporate environments.

Hitachi’s 9000 Series DLP projectors (CP-X9111, CP-WX9211 and CP-WU9411 projectors) are easy to use, offer bright light and they are easy to install, making them ideal for staging application in medium-to-large-sized venues.

The 9000 Series projectors offer Hitachi’s image processing controls to improve contrast and enable sharper images for better audio-visual solutions. Users can adjust the colors of the projected images according to the actual light surroundings of the room or venue. The projectors also offer built-in blending capability that creates the seamless projection of one image using multiple projectors.

Users can also control or correct blurred images with the projectors by enabling the HDCR (High Dynamic Contrast Range) function. This lets users correct blurred images that are caused by harsh room lighting or outside light, providing clear images even in bright rooms. In addition, the projectors’ Motion Adaptive Deinterlacer provides focused images, especially for fast-moving video. For more information on Hitachi visit

If your business, church, office or event venue needs off-white colored projectors, contact us at CCS Presentation Systems. Our company ranks as the #1 commercial integration firm in the country. We help serve customers in corporate, government and education markets with a wide variety of audio video solutions, complete with integration, design, installation, maintenance and training services. Contact CCS Presentation Systems today for all of your audio-visual solutions.

Movable AV Cart Solutions from Chief Offer Display Mobility for Classrooms to Boardrooms

One of the great aspects of Chief’s Fusion movable carts is the mobility that they offer, bringing audio-visual solutions to classroom and boardrooms alike.

For K-12 education environments, Chief’s Fusion™ carts are compatible with SMART™ education displays like the E70 and 8000 series interactive flat panels. This brings smart learning with digital displays from room to room.

The smooth aesthetic look and design, coupled with the carts’ mobility, make the Fusion cart a perfect AV solution for classroom environments and large boardroom settings. Chief’s Fusion Series cart systems offer many user advantages. The carts enable users to adjust the height of the screen with a simple turn of a knob while the display can adjust for screen sizes up to 80 inches and 200 lbs. Chief engineers developed the cart as customizable as possible, adding a full range of shelf and storage accessories.

If you are thinking of upgrading your investment in interactive technology, consider the Fusion movable carts from Chief. CCS Presentation Systems is a proud partner of Chief Manufacturing, a key leader in racks, mounts, and other audio-video installations. Chief’s products can be found in schools, hotels, restaurants and corporate offices.

Find the right size of movable AV cart solutions for your specific needs:

– Xtra Large Fusion Mobile AV Cart

– Large Fusion Mobile AV Cart

– Medium Fusion Mobile AV Cart

Hitachi To Launch Four New Ultra Short-Throw Projectors

Last week, Hitachi Group introduced its CP-AX2503, CP-AX3503, CP-AW2503 and CP-AW3003 Ultra Short Throw projectors. These new 3LCD projectors will offer excellent image quality, powered focus capability, flexible connectivity, wireless networking and other useful convenient features. These four projector models are perfect audio-visual solutions ideally suited for delivering large images in limited spaces.

According to its announcement, Hitachi’s new projector models CP-AX2503 and CP-AW2503 each deliver 2,700 color and white light output with XGA and WXGA resolution, respectively. The CP-AX3503 and CP-AW3003 offer 3,300 and 3,600 color and white light output with XGA and WXGA resolution. All are capable of projecting bright, clear images in tight room spaces. This makes the projectors ideal for limited space in board rooms, classrooms, event centers and elsewhere. Here’s a glance at some of the key features of the new Hitachi Ultra short-throw projectors:

– Hitachi’s exclusive Accentualizer technology provides a more realistic image quality with enhanced sharpness, gloss and shadow detail;

– Hitachi’s High Dynamic Contrast Range feature can alter contrast when ambient light is present and still keeps the image integrity intact.

– All four models can be used in tabletop mode, or wall mounted.

– All projectors have two HDMI inputs, two computer HD-15 inputs, three USB inputs for use with a USB memory stick, wireless adapter or mouse plus component, composite video, audio and mic A/V jacks.

– All models have computer monitor and audio outputs, along with RS-232C and RJ-45 Ethernet ports.

– Users can project images directly from a USB thumb drive; no need for a PC.

If your church, office or event venue needs ultra short-throw projectors, contact us at CCS Presentation Systems New England. Our qualified experts will help you find the right model and price points to fit your organizational needs.

We are one of the largest A/V integrators in the United States, serving customers in corporate, government and education markets with integration, installation, maintenance and training services for a wide variety of audio and video equipment. Contact CCS Presentation Systems today for all of your audio-visual solutions.

Christie Q Series Projectors to Launch at Integrated Systems Europe Show

CCS Presentation Systems partner Christie will launch its new 1-chip DLP brightness with its new Christie Q Series at the upcoming Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in Amsterdam Feb. 4-6.

End users will gain exceptional image quality and sharp brightness from Christie’s 1-chip product line. The range of brightness is from 5,000 to 8,000 ANSI lumens and two resolutions – HD and WUXGA. Its levels will be apparent in situations where visuals are a key component, like concerts, conventions and other large-scale venue events. Christie’s Q-series will deliver bright visuals for blended or warped images from multiple projectors on different angled surfaces.

Usable in either single or dual-lamp mode, Christie Q Series is equipped with eClarity –advanced image processing that significantly enhances images by providing greater control over image sharpness, gloss and shading. Christie eClarity delivers increased image clarity of standard definition content – making images stand out more than ever. With built-in High Dynamic Contrast Range (HDCR), image ‘washout’ in high ambient light conditions is eliminated.

Christie Digital works closely with CCS Presentation Systems to develop innovative projection systems solutions for companies and event venues with large-scale presentation needs. CCS Presentation Systems provides our customers with the latest applications on great audio-visual solutions like the ones being made at Christie. Contact us to learn more about the latest AV technologies for your business, school, hotel or hospitality venue.

Christie Upgrades MicroTiles, Starts Shipping S310 Screen

Christie Digital keeps amazing its business customers and audiences around the world with its MicroTiles. Its near seamless video walls, first introduced four years ago, still provoke looks of wonder at the rich, bright colors and high resolution of its technology.

In September, Christie announced a new screen option for MicroTiles customers. The Christie MicroTiles S310 has a larger screen, and some of the best colors in the business. It features

the same great optical performance and construction as its earlier model, the S300. From use in outdoor environments to room with ambient light, MicroTiles S310 takes technology a step further for business and education customers. Christie MicroTiles S310 screen delivers excellent contrast with deeper blacks and image uniformity in even the most demanding indoor high ambient light environments.

CCS Presentation Systems works to provide our customers with the latest equipment for all your audio-visual solutions. Contact us at CCS Presentation Systems to learn more about our range of audio-visual digital equipment for business, universities, hotels, government groups and more.