One of the great aspects of Chief’s Fusion movable carts is the mobility that they offer, bringing audio-visual solutions to classroom and boardrooms alike.

For K-12 education environments, Chief’s Fusion™ carts are compatible with SMART™ education displays like the E70 and 8000 series interactive flat panels. This brings smart learning with digital displays from room to room.

The smooth aesthetic look and design, coupled with the carts’ mobility, make the Fusion cart a perfect AV solution for classroom environments and large boardroom settings. Chief’s Fusion Series cart systems offer many user advantages. The carts enable users to adjust the height of the screen with a simple turn of a knob while the display can adjust for screen sizes up to 80 inches and 200 lbs. Chief engineers developed the cart as customizable as possible, adding a full range of shelf and storage accessories.

If you are thinking of upgrading your investment in interactive technology, consider the Fusion movable carts from Chief. CCS Presentation Systems is a proud partner of Chief Manufacturing, a key leader in racks, mounts, and other audio-video installations. Chief’s products can be found in schools, hotels, restaurants and corporate offices.

Find the right size of movable AV cart solutions for your specific needs:

– Xtra Large Fusion Mobile AV Cart

– Large Fusion Mobile AV Cart

– Medium Fusion Mobile AV Cart

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