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CSX Operation Control Center

Project: CSX Operation Control Center

CCS Southeast designed and installed the solution.

The GSO Conference Room is the control center for the entire system. Surrounding the Conference Room is a monitoring and logistic center with twenty-nine 65” displays mounted around the perimeter of the room at a 10-degree tilt, side by side. CSX’s proprietary rail monitoring software provides detailed information on each display, utilizing the reliable and scalable AV over IP solution from Crestron NVX.

The “room within the room” is the GSO’s Conference Room, which is surrounded by glass on 3 of 4 walls. A 86” wall mounted display serves as the primary presentation display for any room participants. In addition, there are four 24” monitors surrounding the GSO’s seat, two (2) of which are integrated into the height adjustable desk and retractable when in use. From here, the GSO has total control of this system on a 15” touch panel – he can select and present any source (30) to any display (5) within the Conference Room. He can also initiate and manage an audio conference call. Installed in the ceiling are two (2) motorized retractable Clock Audio tri-element microphones which provide optimum coverage for in-room participants.

Project Components

  • Creston NVX
  • Samsung Q-Series 65 inch displays
  • Clock Audio Microphones
  • Biamp DSP
  • Labgruppen Amplifiers
  • Tannoy Speakers