The NEC Star Student Program is an accredited, non-profit program that is being used in multiple private, public, Montessori, and charter schools. This program is being implemented in many different K-12 schools, universities, colleges, and administrative school districts across Canada and the United States.

One of the main goals of the NEC Star Student Program is to provide new educational technology and correlated tools for students. This means taking a different approach to the way teaching has been done in previous years. By providing new interactive and collaborative technologies to be employed in classrooms, students should be able to develop new skills as well as improve the ones they already have.

Schools need to make a commitment with Classroom AV Design, especially when choosing to participate in the program. This includes planning all of the AV equipment necessary as well as its full integration and training.

Among the different equipment involved and required for proper classroom AV design, schools particularly need to adopt Interactive whiteboards (IWB). IWBs have evolved throughout the years in a way that they can easily connect and interact with other devices that are used to present in a classroom like laptops, tablets, and even video conferencing. Many people see IWBs as the new evolution of a classroom projector because of their versatility; they can be used during discussions, problem-solving as a group, and in presentations.

Classroom AV Design has a lot of Benefits

  1. Improved Student Participation

    • When students are required to participate in the classroom, they will feel a lot more motivated when they interact with new technologies.
  2. Improved Cognitive Learning
    • While some students tend to be auditory learners, most students tend to learn better when there are presentations and visual cues. Implementing a classroom AV design will allow all students to learn in the best way for each one of them.
  3. Promotes Technology Learning
    • By seeing new classroom technology in action and using it in application, students will be more willing to adapt technologies in the future as it continues to evolve. They will see what technology is able to do for them, and they’ll begin to gain interest in learning more about the subject being taught in front of them.
  4. Promotes Collaboration
    • Teachers need to engage their students because this is the only way for them to actually become an integral part of the learning process. And by doing this, newer Classroom AV Design is promoting collaboration between students as well as between teachers.

There’s no question that technology can greatly help teach students new skills that they will need in the future. Adopting a modern classroom AV design with the help of NEC and their Star Student program is just one of many steps in the right direction. Contact us today at CCS Presentation Systems for more details on how we can help you, your students, & your classroom.

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