The audio video (AV) industry has grown exponentially since the 1970s. While the products that produced surround sound marked the emergence of AV as a field, modern products include digital signage, digital light processing, carousel projectors, large touchboards that display video from a computer, and complete conference room setups. These setups include wide screen televisions that stream content over various types of networks, such as the Internet. Other components of conference room equipment includes high-definition projectors, speakers, and conference call equipment that takes advantage of voice over IP (VOIP) capabilities. Professional AV Installation is a growing service because of the demand for large scale video and sound displays for business and recreational use.

Several organizations turn to companies that specialize in AV Installation for audio conferencing, video conferencing, distance learning implementation, and conferences between separate offices. It is not a secret that AV equipment facilitates the collaboration between employees that must perform various integrated tasks on a singular project. In the past, this has been more challenging or virtually impossible unless those employees worked out of the same location. Advances in Audiovisual Integration technologies has virtually closed that gap. These types of technologies have also helped facilitate the trend towards telecommuting and remote employment. CCS Presentation Systems is one of the experts in audio video equipment, design, and Pro AV Services.

Professional AV Installation provided by an expert starts with an assessment of an organization’s existing equipment and desired outcome(s). Whether that organization is commercial, a government agency or an educational institution, professionals can recommend and design setups that include interactive whiteboards, AV furniture, microphone systems and even video walls. The main benefits behind AV technology is increased collaboration and productivity. In a classroom, students can interact with each other more, in addition to being able to provide instant feedback to the instructor. For example, interactive whiteboard hardware and software gives instructors the ability to set up polls and have students submit answers to questions. Instructors can instantly gauge both aggregate and individual learning curves.

Even though the world of AV equipment continues to evolve, not all organizations are necessarily utilizing the technology to its best advantage. This is the biggest reason why AV specialists are in demand to not only assess what best suits an organization’s needs, but to train an organization’s staff on the best way to utilize AV. Just because the equipment is present, doesn’t mean that every staff member will adopt the technology or realize its full capabilities. As the professional world becomes more connected through technology, AV specialists will be able to deliver superior solutions.

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