CCS Presentation Systems in Nashua, NH is celebrating its 15 years in business with an open house for customers and potential clients on September 12-13, 2013.

In a feature on CCS in the Nashua Telegraph, CCS VP Chris Gamst recalled when in 1998 he and his wife contacted CCS in Arizona for the New England license to sell, install and service AV and video installation equipment for elementary schools, colleges, companies and government offices.

The company’s doing well, according to Mr. Gamst, as a result of its ongoing contract with Dartmouth College. This growth in business translates into a 38% increase in yearly revenue from its sale and installation of video presentation systems, teleconferencing equipment and flat panel displays installation.

For more information on its 15th birthday or the Sept. 12-13 open house, please contact CCS Presentations Systems in New Hampshire.

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