The future of digital presentations is in the hands of LED driven projector systems. That is because LED powered projectors provide a number of improvements over the long used lamp-driven projectors. These benefits include improved image quality, extended lifetime of the projector, and a reduction of maintenance costs to name a few. Are LED projectors really going to make a big difference? The improvements that LED technologies make over older lighting systems are clear and not to be understated.

Take for example the Hitachi WU3500 LED Projector that is new to the market. Utilizing a 3500 lumen LED output this projector provides the highest quality, well-defined, digital imagery. The picture looks crisp and the details aren’t lost in gray space with LEDs. What is a lumen? A lumen is a quantified measurement that equates to the light provided by a single candle. The Hitachi WU3500 LED Projector is putting out the light equivalent of 3500 lit candles brought into close focus.

Hitachi has made this massive lumen output possible with their new HLD (High Lumen Density) technology which increases the successful light output of the weaker green LEDs in reference to the brighter reds and blues. The HLD improves the overall light output which in turn gives the WU3500 a stunning 30,000:1 contrast ratio. LED Projectors like this will also stand apart from their older cousins, because the color does not decay in the same way when filtered through an LED projector.

Image quality is just one reason to consider upgrading to a new model like the Hitachi WU3500 LED Projector. LEDs have been proven to statistically last longer than lamps with filaments, which means that in addition to a clearer picture the LED unit will not need to be replaced as often. An LED system also uses less energy than a lamp model, which makes it a great way to save on electric usage as well. Using less harmful components than lamp based models also makes the WU3500 a greener option.

A Professional AV team can provide extensive details on the specs of the Hitachi WU3500, but here is what you really need to know. Using the HLD technology, the WU3500 can operate at a higher light intensity without draining picture color. HDBaseT and HDMI inputs and outputs provide countless options for syncing the projector with other devices and networks in a ranged area or across multiple screens. Setting a new standard for LED projection systems, these projectors are built to run around the clock for long periods of time without needing to be maintained or touched. This is an ideal quality for shopping environments.

Specialists in AV solutions, CCS Presentation Systems have hands on experience with designing AV solutions built around the needs of a number of businesses. Models like the WU3500 are an ideal centerpiece for businesses or organizations looking to overhaul their image. These Skilled AV technicians know how to take an idea and bring it to life on screen while also making the design resonate with a space. To learn more about the newest in LED presentation systems or to contact a specialist, call us today at CCS New England.

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