Imagine that you are in a board meeting, and instead of the presenter coming before everyone gathered for the meeting opening a briefcase full of papers that pop out like biscuits from a can when he opens it. He or she begins handing out laminated copies of their vision for the project at hand. You see that they have done their best to make their wireless presentation aesthetically appealing, however all you can think about is that this presentation is only the first of many. “OMG, this is going to be a long one…” you think to yourself as the first presenter tells you to turn to page one of your pamphlet.

Believe it or not, wireless presentation could actually turn those board meetings into a pleasant experience, and not just a necessary evil or cost of doing business. If you’ve fully recovered from the previous scenario given, then take some timeout to visualize a better day, one that has been made possible by IoT and the collaborative spirit of it. Instead of you and your co-workers pouring over endless pamphlets, fishing for the best ideas, imagine a streamlined series of presentations in which everyone can display their work on a digital screen that everyone’s laptop, smartphone, and tablet can communicate with. Now everyone’s engaged instead of have a boardroom full of bored people. The following is a list of companies and their products that are designed to engender collaborative effort in the boardroom, classroom, or conference room.

Mersive Solstice

Mersive definitely has their finger on the pulse of corporate America. They understand the need to streamline the presentation and sharing of info in a meeting, and have created a platform that allows an unlimited number of devices to connect to a Solstice enabled shared display. This hastens the flow of the meeting and decision making by allowing projects to be simultaneously from devices sharing a preexisting wifi or ethernet network.

Crestron AirMedia

Crestron AirMedia has targeted not only the facilitation of collaboration in meetings, but have also put in place stoppages that reduce what they call “presentation chaos”. Their platform allows for interconnectivity of multiple devices to one centralized display, but they also incorporated a feature called moderator mode that allows for an admin to choose who will and won’t be able to present.


There isn’t much that AMX missed with their incarnation of a wireless presentation platform. However, the best feature offered by their system is the end of session purge. Any documents or files that are downloaded for your presentation are purged from the network when once your EnZo session is closed out. In a world where intellectual property is under constant threat of piracy, one can never be too careful.

Montage Display Note

While their might not be much that separates montage display from its competitors, they have the numbers posted on their website to show the positive affect that their system could have on your business. Their website boasts quantified improvements in sales, productivity, and even competitive advantage. Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t.

Extron ShareLink

Extron ShareLink is another titan in the wireless presentation field. Their product is designed for efficiency, and ease for the end user. Their platform allows for multiple users to share at once for compare and contrast applications, but also has moderator mode so that an admin can cut down on possible presentation over-inundation.

If you have not brought your boardroom, classroom, or conference room into the 21st century, then you are simply conceding the upper hand to your competition. It is highly likely that those who have already made the change to wireless presentation are getting twice as much accomplished in half the meetings. So, what are you waiting for?

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