Every home theater could benefit from a Digital Cinema Projector for the the ultimate theater like experience in your home. In today’s homes, more and more people are choosing a space to be a dedicated home theater for family movie viewing. They are completely remodeling a room to look like a miniature movie theater with special seating, the best CCS Presentation Systems, and movie theater decor. Many homeowners are choosing a Digital Cinema Projector that offers full 2k 3D resolution. There is no need to pay high movie theater ticket prices and put up with other movie patrons talking, using cell phones, or otherwise spoiling the film enjoyment.

The Home Theater Room

When designing a home theater, there are many details to consider. There are even renovation companies that specialize in building home theaters. Even if the homeowner wants to do most of the work themselves, they should hire an electrician with knowledge of home theater needs. The room should be planned out first with a realistic budget set. Next, the homeowner should do a little research into home theaters and what equipment will be needed.

The proper placement of each piece of equipment must be planned for the best movie projection and sound quality. Where will the screen be located? Where will the projector be located? How many and what kind of speakers will be needed and where will they be placed? What is the optimum location for seating for the best viewing experience? Then the decision should be made about what treats and refreshments will be available in the room and where they will be stored. Will the room be sound-proofed? Will the walls be a dark color like many theaters use? When everything is planned, then work can begin.

The components such as speakers, projector, and screen must be ordered. An electrician should be called in to update the electrical service and locate power outlets where they will be needed. The walls, ceiling, and floors can now be finished to be ready for the movie viewing equipment and seating. Then, the movie viewing equipment and seating can be installed. When all is complete, the family can enjoy many hours of comfortable, private movie viewing.

Shopping For Digital Projectors And Other Equipment

The homeowner can find an electronics shop or big box store to shop for their home theater equipment, or they can shop online. Shopping online For NEC projectors from CCS Presentation Systems may be a good option for people who don’t want to drive around to different businesses looking for the correct components.

There is always the chance that even if a person goes to a local business, they will end up special ordering all or part of their equipment and waiting for it to be shipped. So, shopping from home can be a good option. The online website can have everything needed for a perfect home theater set up ready to ship. Often the customer will choose the digital projector such as the NC1000C projector first, then get everything else to go with that model.

This particular projector is recommended for theaters with small screens like home theaters. It utilizes a 3-chip DMD reflection method of projection. It is a very compact 2K DCI certified digital cinema projector that can be installed in small projection booths. It can also be transported to mobile applications. This projector is easy to operate and user-friendly, with little maintenance required. It has air cooling with a dust-preventing electrostatic filter.

This projector will work with screens up to a size of 34ft. / 10.3m. It comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty for registered owners. It features an easy dual lamp system to ensure no black screen and an all in one integrated media server with large memory capacity and versatile connectivity. For more details, contact us at CCS Presentation Systems today.

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