Traditional workspaces are out — collaborative ones are in! At CCS we offer a full range of audiovisual systems that are perfect for transitioning your business environment into a collaborative workspace for 2018!

What is a collaborative workspace?

Maybe you already think of your business as having a collaborative workspace. Until recently, the definition pretty much meant to schedule meetings with several people in conference rooms or other formal meeting spaces.

Today, the collaboration process is much more informal thanks to technology. Now, meetings can be held at times and ways that are convenient for all participants. At CCS, we’re making that possible through the AV equipment we integrate and install at your company.

Bottom line, many businesses are rethinking the way their workspace is laid out and are looking for ways to take advantage of new technologies and ideas. The traditional conference room may soon become a thing of the past.

Collaborative workspace today!

Technology has allowed employees to be mobile. Fortune 1000 companies around the world are discussing how to maximize these new work trends.

Why waste money on desks that are seldom used? Instead, create an environment equipped with layouts, technologies, and services designed to improve the overall performance!

For example, Google’s new campus was designed to maximize chance encounters between employees. These encounters can be powerful but are often unrecognized.

For this to happen, workplaces need a technology infrastructure that supports mobile workers. For example, some companies have a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to work policy.

Other companies, like Facebook, are adopting “hot-desking.” It’s a concept in which there are no assigned offices or cubicles. These spaces can also be easily transformed for different tasks.

Another new concept is the “huddle room,” designed to accommodate up to five people. Instead of table and chairs, the room features armchairs and other casual furniture, Wi-Fi access, audio, video and display technologies.

“Brainstorming spaces” are also becoming popular. The goal is to ignite creative thinking with collaborative technologies such as portable seats, tables, easels, virtual whiteboards, video conferencing systems, adjustable lighting and widescreen displays.

What CCS Projects can do for your business

CCS is a leading, full-service audio visual integration company. Services include design, engineering, integration, installation, service and professional training for hundreds of state-of-the-art products.

CCS works with an extensive list of manufacturers to outfit your space with the correct products to meet your needs. Products such as digital whiteboards, video and audio conferencing equipment, collaborative boards, furniture, digital signage, video walls, projectors, and screens are just a few of the solutions CCS can provide.

These are all solutions that enhance daily meetings, regardless if it’s a meeting to share information, a decision-making one or a brainstorming session. No matter the size or complexity of the install, CCS has you covered.

Contact us today and let us help your business flourish!

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