You have an important addendum which needs to be discussed with only select members of your office because you are not ready to release this information to the rest of the company. You want to, in private, present these matters with trusted advisors to make the most educated decisions in regards to your business. You wish to accomplish this without the prying eyes and, more importantly, straining ears of passerby who may cause turmoil within the company by misinterpreting what is being said. You hold your meeting in the conference room, but two days later, people are approaching you with questions. You have no clue how they could know. No one said anything.

Cambridge Sound Management Heard You

No matter the industry, education, financial, healthcare, even commercial organizations, the privacy of the conversations being held in the conference room is something which weighs heavy on the mind. Wanting to hold confidential meetings with clients, employees, contractors, developers, without the concern of someone who should not be listening overhearing the conversations is a desire which is held by several business leaders across the country. Short of holding meetings when no one else is in the building or designating an entire floor for the conference space, how do you keep those who should not listen from listening in?

Enter Cambridge Sound Management QT Conference Room Edition

For the past two decades, Cambridge Sound Management, Inc. has been creating speech protection and sound masking systems to help organizations in every industry protect privacy, reduce distractions, and, in turn, increase workplace productivity. Limited distractions allow employees to focus more on their work rather than the ongoing hustle and bustle of the office setting. Giving a privacy option for the conference room gives the confidence to those holding confidential meetings they will not be overheard.

How Does it Work?

Qt Conference Room Edition is a revolution in conference room privacy. This amazing product has been designed to make sure the conversations held in the conference room remain within the conference room. Using a one of a kind direct-field sound making system (which adds a low-level background sound outside the conference room) the Qt makes the speech of those within the room less comprehensible for unwanted listeners.

When creating a room, those who build the rooms are more concerned about the look and feel of the environment than they are with the acoustics or sound privacy of the room. Now, these rooms no longer need the worry or sacrifice of desired conference room design. With the Qt’s sleek and minimalist design, it fits right in with other AV equipment already installed in the conference room.

The control module is the brain of the system. When installed inside the conference room, those within the meeting can, with a push of a button, quickly and easily active the system and be confident their words are not overheard by passing ears. All concerns of its activation can be confirmed through the digital status display, confirming the system is working properly. The outer panel is easily installed outside the conference room to surface, glass, or gang box. By emitting a uniform, barely intelligible background noise at the frequency of human speech, the direct-field Quiet Technology allows communications to be masked to the passing listener. Used in educational institutions, financial services, and healthcare facilities, Cambridge products have a lasting tradition of allowing workplace privacy. This panel also displays a privacy sign, showing the system is in use.

When the meeting is over, you can keep the system running or turn it off. Consuming less than 7 watts of power, this energy efficient solution can be kept running at almost no extra cost to the business. This low cost and GreenSpec listed product can contribute to the company’s LEED certification!

Giving this level of privacy and confidence in said privacy to those in the company is something which Cambridge Sound Management specializes in. For nearly 20 years, Cambridge Sound Management has offered simple, innovative, and intelligently designed solutions for acoustic distractions and privacy for companies across the globe. Their products are easy to install and deliver high quality, uniform sound masking without the unneeded complexity. From an entire network of control modules to independent zone management, products can be purchased and run at low cost. Contact them today to discuss your best options regarding your company’s needs.

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