At The Top Of Your Educator’s Wish List: Interactive Projectors

Teachers around the country will lock up their classroom and head home for the holiday break next week. Some will leave with a wish list for Santa that includes current technology, classroom engagement and true growth for their students. Maybe even some wishes for rest and relaxation! While we can’t quite help you bake cookies or rest up, we
can help grant some of your tech holiday wishes and make your classroom the life of the school!

Wondering what you could use your interactive projector for?? Well, besides live tracking Santa’s sleigh route or watching your favorite holiday movies, there are hundreds of ways to engage students of all ages with an interactive projector in the classroom. A few of our favorites are listed below:

1. Turn ANY surface into a whiteboard.

Always wanted a touch-screen whiteboard? With the right projector, you can have one at a fraction of the cost. You can touch the wall or table with your finger or a special pen, and it responds just like a finger on a phone, tablet or touch-screen device. How cool is that? We are looking forward to seeing social studies lessons with an interactive map projected onto a table.

2. “I can’t see the pictures!”…not anymore!

The classic teacher struggle…reading a picture book to the entire class. At some point you will hear, “I can’t see!!”. Well now you can throw out that towering stack of big books from the ’90s that are taking up valuable space in your classroom. Never again worry that you’re going to hear, “I can’t see the pictures!” from one of your students. There’s nothing like gigantic images of favorite stories to keep kids engaged. If you’ve got an interactive projector, you can invite kids to the board to interact with the book while you’re reading. You can ask students to circle pictures, point out words, pronounce them properly and point to what the word describes…while the entire class is engaged. Awesome!

3. Interactive lessons to excite and engage students.

This is where you can really grab students of all ages. Many teachers build units to do with their students, which make it possible to create games like Bingo and Jeopardy! and even track classroom behavior. Some teachers have designed interactive units that invite children to collaborate on the big screen. Really, the possibilities are endless. We’ve been blown away by some of the lessons we’ve seen for interactive projectors.

Does designing your own lessons sound like a lot of work? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too. You can actually find pre-made lessons for interactive projectors all over the web. You’ll be amazed with the attention your lessons are getting when they are truly interactive and since the complexity of information and the way it’s displayed is totally up to you, your lesson can resonate with students of all ages. Free interactive resources here!

SMART Exchange – This SMART Technologies collaboration site provides thousands of free lesson plans and activities for teachers to use in the classroom. SMART lessons are available for a variety of ages and subjects

Scholastic – Scholastic provides interactive lessons for math, science, history and phonics. This site also features a search engine for lessons across North America.

Funbrain – Funbrain offers several interactive educational games. These fun games cover a range of subjects and grade levels.

4. Video streaming.

When boredom strikes children as young as 8 they are now likely to pull a tablet or phone out and disconnect from the group. You can avoid that scenario and captivate your kids with interactive opportunities to learn and have fun by watching videos together as a group on something other than their phone. Programs with very flexible schedules like summer and after school programs rely heavily on great technology to keep kids learning and growing without a set curriculum in place.

Can you imagine pausing a video on an interactive projector and then using your finger or digital pen to draw directly onto the screen to highlight a point or concept? Your kids will flip! You can also connect all their tablets to one screen for the independent-but-still-together experience. Get rid of the dangerous TV cart and do something better with their time!

5. Do everyday things more efficiently and more fun!

This might be at the top of the teacher holiday wish list, just doing the things you need to do every day, faster and while having more fun. Our solution is, you guessed it, an interactive experience! Take attendance with a fun slide set that was made for an interactive projector (like these), watch a video on how sprinkles are made for a birthday party, review your calendar and upcoming events efficiently. Check out Starfall!

READY TO SEND YOUR LETTER TO SANTA FOR ONE OF THESE? No need….just call CCS Presentation Systems and you’re taken care of, nationwide!

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

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Discover the Benefits of Skype for Business

Friends and families have been loving and using Skype for years, but in the business world videoconferencing has been largely restricted to larger businesses and specially designed rooms. Small and mid-sized businesses haven’t been able to fully benefit from the competitive advantages that video conferencing can provide. Skype for Business, available with Office 365, now makes it easier to connect teams and have meetings than ever before. It’s no longer necessary to have a very expensive setup in a fancy Conference Room in order to benefit.

Many people assume that the primary advantage of video conferencing is to reduce the necessity to travel. While that is a significant benefit, it is far from the only one.

  • Meeting Flexibility. Whenever a meeting is scheduled, there are always people who are unable to attend because they’re too busy putting out fires. The new Skype for Business lets people log in to the meeting from their phone or tablet, wherever they happen to be.
  • Connect Scattered Teams. Today’s work teams can be spread across the country or the world, but all need to be kept in the loop. Whenever the need arises, set up an impromptu meeting to discuss issues and examine documents as a group.
  • Cut the Ties to the AV Room. It’s all too common to have the AV room tightly booked. If someone else’s meeting is late, so is yours. If you need a meeting right away, it’s not possible. Meeting Room Systems designed for small rooms and groups make everyone more productive. Cut the ties to an expensive and hard to maintain infrastructure.
  • Save Money. Setting up Skype for Business for meetings of up to 25 people will cost around $3,000. Savings on travel expenses alone would pay for that in a very short time. Of course, the major boost in ROI will be in workers’ effectiveness at their jobs. Business today moves at such a fast pace that making it possible for team members to brainstorm and resolve issues as a group has a big payoff.

CCS Presentation Systems of Florida is a premier provider of audio visual solutions, an important component of Unified Communications for any business. Skype for Business now makes it possible and affordable for small groups to benefit from video conferencing. Contact us today to learn more about all of the advantages of videoconferencing for your business.